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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Rob-89, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. Need some advice, I want to start getting fitter (and maintain a routine) as soon as possible, planning on joining up some time next year. Making a routine is doing my head in though, not sure whether to include anything to do with weights, or just to do circuit exercises one day and running the next.

    I was considering doing something along the lines of this -

    Mon - 1.5 mile run
    Tue - Weights with dumbells
    Wed - Circuit training (at the gym)
    Thur - Weights with dumbells
    Fri - 1.5 mile run or possibly a couple more miles timed.
    sat (not sure) and sun rest?

    Any good?
  2. Add more miles, maybe run three times a week.

    Also weight training followed by circuits the day after and then weights again might not give your muscle much time to rest and repair themselves.
  3. I wouldnt advise that routine when you start. Maybe this;
    Mon - 20 minute hard run
    Tue - weights, dumbells and upperbody workout
    wed - Rest day
    Thur - Circuit training + dumbells
    Fri - 1.5 Mile run
    Sat- Rest Day

    You need a better split in the week, if you are pushing yourself every day you could strain something.
  4. Rob, it depends how fit you are now and what you need to achieve, can you give us a clue? What are you training for?
  5. A combination of aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercise IMO.

    So circuits and weights for anaerobic and some middle-distance running for aerobic.

    Always try to include a rest day, avoid stressing the CNS on consecutive days (so don't hammer the weights on Monday, then HIIT on Tuesday- allow for recovery).
  6. Cardio

    That is pretty much my old routine. Worked well for me as long as your flexible and you take ciruits seriously.
  7. I'm relatively fit at the moment, normally go for runs once or twice a week. Went on a 1.5 mile run yesterday after a long break (lazy arrse over Christmas :D ) and got 10:36, although that was shite and I can do better. At 6th form at the moment, but got enough free time to start a routine now. Looking into joining the RA and want to try for 29 Cdo eventually. Never been great at upper body stamina, can bang out 25-30 pressups though, but would like to work on this to go with the running.

    Cheers for the advice so far, got a better idea of what to do.
  8. I do the following

    Monday- lift (upperbody)
    Tuesday- Interval work. It should be pure sprint work but at the moment I'm working on my recovery. Should be sparring in the pm
    Wednesday- LSD work, swimming, rowing. Not usually running because I'm 13 1/2 stone and want to work on other aspects. I might throw skipping into the mix, anything to keep going for 45 ish minutes
    Thursday- Lift (lower body). In the pm there should be thai
    Friday- Fast run (sub 20 min)
    Saturday- off or recovery work or sparring, depending on how tired from the week I am
    Sunday- off (veg out basically).

    Vary the length and intensity of your cardio work IMO

    Nutrient timing is important when training above 5 hours a week IMO
  9. This is my program that I am using to get fit for the AOSB. It is working pretty well so far, it took me a good year of trial and error to come up with it so I think it is pretty sound, at least to me:


    Swimming - 45 min steady


    Running - 10 min warm up, 10 x hill reps, 10 min cool down


    Run 1.5 miles to gym,

    Cross trainer/rowing machine: (5 min warm up, 5 x 4 min intervals with 1 min recovery) x 2

    Weights circuit


    Swimming - 45 min steady


    Run 1.5 miles to gym,

    Cross trainer/rowing machine: (5 min warm up, 5 x 4 min intervals with 1 min recovery) x 2

    Weights circuit


    Long run (3+ miles, depending what I am training for, speed or endurance)


    Rest day
  10. As has been suggested, I think you need to do some longer runs.

    For that sort of distance, you will certainly see improvements if all your running is just 1.5 miles flat out a couple of times a week, but I think you will probably see much more improvement with more long sessions of lower intensity fitness work.
  11. Thanks again for all the advice. Changed my previously planned routine, started doing this last week..

    WEEK A******

    MON - Cardio – Untimed endurance run, always increasing distance.

    TUE – Weights - Bench-press, dead lift, squats. Warmup set 4 each.

    WED – Circuits - Gym? Or home (Cdo Site for all the exercises)

    THUR - **Rest

    FRI – 1.5 mile run (timed)

    SAT – Circuits

    SUN - **Rest

    WEEK B *******

    MON - Cardio – Untimed endurance run, always increasing distance.

    TUE – Weights - Bench-press, dead lift, squats. Warm-up set 4 each

    WED – Circuits - Gym? Or home (Using RM Cdo site for info).

    THUR - **Rest

    FRI – 1.5 mile run (timed)

    SAT – Weights – Bench-press, dead lift, squats. Warm-up set 4 each

    SUN - **Rest

    (w/ record of progress on everything)

    Good? Bad? Owt I could change?
  12. I would have a rest day after the weights if your not used to it.

    2 days lifting is better I would recommend, broken down into one day being a pushing motion (try over head press, weighted dips or if needs be incline bench) and the other being squat or dead lift
    If your trying to get fitter rather then stronger try some barbell complex work to increase endurance and muscular stamina rather then your strength (I can't believe I just suggested that, but different training for different outcomes). That could replace the weights session and the circuit training would then become hill sprints or intervals (something like that I would also have a day off or atleast a light session like the endurance work which would be like 40 minutes swimming or 40 minutes on a rower at 1 min 55/2 min per 500m pace)

    So, for example

    Monday- lift, upperbody or complex work
    Tuesday- sprint work
    Wednesday- LSD work or off
    Thursday- Lower body work or complex work
    Friday- Fast run/ interval work
    Saturday- off
    Sunday- LSD work or off

    This is something very similar to what I do currently anyway, hence the suggestion :p