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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Paratus44, May 4, 2007.

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  1. hi i want to run 1.5 mile in under 10.30 preferably under 10 min so i can join pwrr how long do you think it will take to get to that standard of fitness im 22 at moment and havent really done any excersize for last 4 years.

  2. Get you ass outside and start today,it will take as long or as short as you want.
  3. The only sensible answer to that is "It depends".

    There are a lot of factors including, how fit you are now, your natural aptitude, how hard you're willing to work, etc. etc.

    There are a number of training plans out there, including one on the Army website. I suggest you get running.

  4. take 4 sennacot tablets....wait 15mins.....and you will be ready for the next Olympics.....
  5. ive been for a run today ran till tired then walked then ran for like 20 mins then did some press ups and sit ups
  6. is infantry definatly 10.30 when you go for selection?
  7. Infantry (not paras) run time is below 12:45, but getting to 10.30 or below will be a fair running time!

    I Started my training to join the army around five months a go and im the same age as yourself...22! I start basic on Sunday! I found that starting slowly and getting yourself committed and motivated is the best approach!

    Start off by timing your 2.4km run.
    Write that time on a piece of paper in large writing and stick it on your wall.
    That is the target to beat after each week of training.

    Get yourself running every other day to start off with for around 15 minutes at a sustainable pace and follow with a rest day. Make sure you warm up for 5 minutes and stretch out before and after the run. This is vital to avoid injury. At the end of the first week re-time you 2.4 km and replace the old time with the new time. Every week add 5 mins on to your run to help build endurance.

    Get some desent trainers. My mistake at the start of training and i had to rest my ankle for two weeks!

    I also found circuit training at my local gym a big boost!

    As well as being a full body work out it motivates you to see youself not being the unfittest!!!

    Start off also by working on press-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups. Pull-ups for your ADSC and sit-ups and press-ups for your basic!

    Drink plenty of water and eat healthy...Salads, fish, pasta e.t.c

    Bin the fags if you smoke and steer clear of alcohol to give yourself a fair chance.

    Hope this rant helps a little!

    Dont give in and work hard and you`ll do it!
    Good luck and happy training!
  8. thanks ill try that i got some decent trainers fast can you run 1.5mile now and what was your time before
  9. I've just started my application process and after telling my recruiter my 1.5m run time he gave me the best advice "Just run it twice as fast and you'll be fine" so i gave it a shot and took a minute off but still way off the Para time I need :oops:
  10. I done mine in 8:39, on my 1.5
  11. It took me a while!

    use trainers in brite colors - it makes you feel beter, like the lamps peeps use in the winter!

    dont confuse running with fitnes - ther totally like different. to get fit you need a water restricted diet, so you can cope with the stress in training - go without rehydrating after every run to start gettin military fit - this is diffo to the advice civvies get, so its important. it feels bad for the first 6 months, but then you get used to it.

    if it doesnt hurt, its not doing any good. always push it till you throw up, then run some more. I got my time down to 9 minutes 30 doing this routine every day, but its reel hard. ive done the first week of training no probs, but it was still hard to run with weight on.
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    havent u got anything usefull to say or r u 1 these sado's who just wants to up there post count to try and look cool
  14. Its like we have said its not rocket science,this topic has been covered lots of times,start steady keep at it and be determined,and English is spoken in the army not text drivel,good luck and put effort into everything you do
  15. Fcuk me sideways, are you kept on a chain? You're 22 and haven't exercised (thats how you spell it) for 4 years, now you want to join an infantry regiment, asking bone questions about an easy basic fcuking entry test? Who's sad? You are you little cnut.