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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by martync06, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. I am at the application stage of joining the army, Got to take the forms in on thursday. I want to get into logistics as a driver.
    On the fitness side of things, I have been running for a mile every other day and i have got it down to 6 minutes, not sure what else i need to be able to do to pass selection, can anyone help?
  2. Add another half mile and see if you get a decent time. If you aren't training in terms of press ups and sit ups, start.

    And good luck.
  3. To get into the RLC you are more then fit enough already.
  4. Add pull-ups and some core training exercises.

  5. I can do 10 press ups and 10 sit ups, i have also just started practicing Chin-ups and i can do 5 of them, i am also doing char dips, i can do 20 of them.
    Got to go in on thursday but i don't have a passport, will this cause problems down the line?
  6. Get a passport application form and get one sorted. Do more press ups and sit ups. You won't be able to do more unless you train to a level of exhaustion.

    May I ask, how old are you and are you a member of a gym?

    Remember that you'll be trained when in, so don't stress yourself (or kill yourself) doing this business.
  7. Carry on working on upper body strength. Your running fitness is fine, just don't let it slip. The army will get you a passport when you get in. You are British aren't you?
  8. I am british yeah, Do yo not need to have a passport before you join then?

    I am 22 and i am not a member of a gym.
  9. You don't necessarily need a passport to get into the army as you can apply for one whilst in training. You don't have to join a gym, your'e only joining the RLC and your fitness doesn't have to be to that high a standard.
  10. Quite a generalisation there! You're a soldier, get fit so that it will never be an issue!
  11. Why a generalisation. He'll probably run a BFT in around 9.10. Plenty fit enough for the RLC. What do you mean when you say You won't be able to do more unless you train to a level of exhaustion.
  12. Just doing 10 press ups/sit ups won't working. He's got to break through that plateau and increase the number. Sets of press ups and sit ups and varying the types of these exercises will help. Seeing as he's on the internet finding more expert advice is easy!

    Now calm down dear.
  13. Dont know about in training at moment but you need to do as a personal fitness test.

    44 situps in 2 minutes.
    40 press-ups in 2 minutes.
    A mile and a half in 10.30 minutes
  14. I tend to agree, simply bimbling along doing 1.5 miles in 10 minutes every day for a year won't get you a faster time, doing 1.5 miles in 10 minutes for the majority of the week and then going hell for leather once a week however will improve times. Likewise pressup, don't count them and stop at 25, set yourself a time a sweat out as many as you can in that time, hopefully until the lactic acid makes it impossible for you to scratch yuor head
  15. Polar, he says he's not sure what else to do to pass selection. He's going for RLC selection not SAS selection! Running a BFT in 9.10 is around Para Regt standard and easily good enough for RLC. If he wants to get even fitter then fine, but his question wasn't about running BFTs in under 8 mins! exhausting yourself performing pressups, chins and situps everyday is also detrimental. Why not stop at 25, then set a target for 30 or 35 the following week. Your body will only adapt gradually. Pushing it too far isn't the way to go.