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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by carper, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi lads i've started working on my fitness the past few days and was wondering if anyone has a few tips? Im currently running 1.5mile in 13 mins (with the occasional walk), my upper body strength is not that great and im wanting to improve on that! Also on the Selection do you have to do press-ups etc. and does this contribute towards selection?

    Cheer Ollie
  2. My advice, (before everyone jumps on your back about your 1.5mile time) is concentrate on running the 1.5 miles without walking, as this is a instant fail if you are caught stopping on the run if I'm not mistaken. Yes, the selection does involve press-ups, heaves etc.

    Do alot of road running, keep off the treadmills as road running seems to build more stamina.

    Do atleast a 1.5 miles run a day to start off then build up from there.

    oh and,

    13 minutes? My 4 year old daughter can do better! :wink:
  3. when i was at selection i didnt have no tests on press-ups, one thing to point out tho, if you walk on the run at all you will fail, so run asmuch as you can before selection without injuring yourself, selection is real easy to pass if your prepared good luck!!!
  4. What the hell is going on there then?

    can somone elaborate?
  5. i dno i prepared for them and everything, i was told i was told i would have a test on them but didnt, this was in december
  6. well at selection in glencourse, the only pressups i had to do was 5 in front of the doc in ma boxers!! lol found it odd.

    we had to do heaves, and some of these strength machine things, i passed em all. you are asked to lift 55kg i think if i remember correctly.


    i was runnin 13 min 1.5miles maybe 2 months ago, and i had selection on the 12 dec and did it in 10.20. not great i know but i passed and brought it down a good bit. when you are running, and feel you about to give in, tell yourself you will stop at next lampost, and keep running past the next lampost. you will eventually feel comfortable doing distances you couldnt before.

    good luck, whens your selection??
  7. What trade did you pick feller?
  8. was wanting in aac or reme, but i was a daft cnut at school and fcuked myself in my exams, so the reme was a no no. aac aparently had longer to wait til the intakes so just setteled for infantry for the mo. once i actually get in and get the feel for army life im going ot decide what to pick for my transfer.
  9. What a glum view you have on the Infantry! You should consider your self lucky enough to be going to the Infantry with an attitude like that.
  10. im not saying theres anything wrong with it at all. just the fact i wont be getting a trade is getting to me. like i said i will wait and see how i feel once in. i may even stick with infantry.

    what bout yourself, what you in/going in?
  11. Haven't got a date for my selection yet, my medical forms have to pass first which should be ok as all the boxs are ticked and i dont have anything wrong with me!

    Thanks for the help lads
  12. I'm in the Infantry and have been for 5 years.
  13. I had to do 15 pressups naked infront of a middle aged Asian man. He said "Very good! Put your underwear back on!" I wasn't tested on any pressups and ADSC though. I've been told I will be when I start at ITC.
  14. :? LMAO
  15. So if I was to do the 1.5 mile run in 7 mins but during the run I walked 10 metres and got caught I'd fail?

    More likely a DS tale to stop the fat chav cunts among you from jacking.