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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Chase, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Hey

    Thinking of joining the Infantry next year but I'm nowhere near the standard of fitness I know I should be for basic selection.

    Been doing an hour of cardio a day for the last two weeks and although I feel fitter my running ability hasnt improved. I guess this is because Ive used equipment such as the bike and the cross trainer rather than the treadmill. Reason for this is that I cant run to save my life.

    I can fast jog for about two minutes and then i have to stop due to fatigue and lactic acid build up in my legs! Basically I just need to know how i can improve my running fitness.

    What I'm going to do is a sort of interval training. Ill run as far as i can until fatigue and then I'll walk until I have recovered and repeat the runing process again. Ill do this for about half an hour a day until I get fitter and can run for longer without stopping. I also do 60 push ups a day and Ive just ordered a chin up bar.

    Any other methods any of you can suggest for improving my fitness/running ability?

    p.s. Im 18 and about 160 lbs and 5 ft 10 - not overweight in case anyone wondered

    Cheers all - looking forward to the input
  2. How fast is your 'fast jog'?

    If it's close to a sprint, then I suggest slowing down a tad until you can run for a longer period of time.

    The run, walk, run approach is definitely your best way forward though.
  3. others with more technical fitness jargon will no doubt drop by shortly,

    but at from what i can take of your post so far you mention treadmills, X-trainers and cycling; all presumably gym based. ??

    dont get me wrong I do use all 3 of them when I go to the gym but there is no substitute for 'proper running' - outdoors in the elements. Especially when it is run times you are trying to improve on.

    All the indoor gadgets and gizmo's will help you 'maintain' an overall fitness, but improvement and results would be better, quicker achieved with real running... not being stuck on a treadmill like some suicidal rodent.

    Get some good running shoes, proper insoles (if not already fitted) and work out a route... roads/tarmac are best avoided if at all possible. But if you dont have conveneint park or woodland, or heath - then make do with roads.

    sites like:- can help work out routes/distances and even keep a log of times.

    although some of the lycra clad eye-candy in gyms does provide a good distraction, 'tis true!
  4. Hi mate unfortunately threads like this have been done to death, so using the search function will yield a veritable gold mine of the type of info you want. However, here's my tuppence, get out and run, its that simple. Laps of the local park/football pitch whatever. But always aim to improve, don't maintain the same routine. If your commited and prepared to work hard, you will see the benefits within weeks. Good Luck.

    Cheers Easy!
  5. Wow that was quick.... :D

    Terrier - I would say it is pretty close to a sprint. Ill slow it down a little and see where I go fom there. Glad to see Im on the right lines with the "run, walk approach".

    Jock - Yeah what Ive been previously doing has all been gym based. Guess its time to brave the cold and get out running :twisted: Very informative post - thanks a lot will check that site out later. Just need some running shoes now....Ive got a pair of Nike Air Max 95 but they're more "designer" than anything but they have an air bubble and cost enough so Ill use them for now. Though on seconds thoughts i think their actual purpose is for running....

    Skinn_Full - Yeah I didnt think to use the search function, will give it a whirl later when I have time.

    All the posts have been inspirational so thanks a lot

    Its raining outside and cold so i guess its time for me to go running down the local park.

    Cheers you lot
  6. As has been said run slower.
    At first it is more important to work up to the desired distance without stopping. Work on speed once you can do the distance.
    Aim for the 1.5 mile first which is your fitness assessment distance then, once happy with that, up it to 3.
  7. Just come back from my run. Went okay but the lactic acid build up in my shins (thats what it feels like) hindered me quite a lot. After a bit of research Ive decided I have shin splints. Looked around and have found that Calcium Ascorbate relieves the symptoms after a few weeks! If the tablets truly do work I will be estatic. Basically it will mean that with enough training and determination I'll easily be able to meet the basic criteria needed for entry.

    I also slowed down my running speed and found that helped me too.

    Cheers for all the help so far
  8. Ditch the sh1te trainers. Get some proper running shoes from a proper sports shop. Wait for the shinsplints to heal, and then restart the training. Trust me on this - or you'll be battling shinsplints for the months to come.
  9. Agreed with the above, good running "daps" are a must (not those mingin' black things from school with that shady elastic where laces should be..)


    I myself suffered with the same problem.
    The problem went away once I got some good running shoes.

    Mizuno seem to be the premier brand from what I had been told.

    (Also, you may find that running posture may have caused the shin pain, I found that if I lean forward whilst running, the issue lessened - possibly due to the lessed impact on the fott when coming into contact with the ground.)

    Running on grass as opposed to concrete will reduce the shock impact.

    Best of luck!
  10. indeed

    if you are serious about it, it is well worth the investment in proper running shoes.

    so dont get them from JB Sports, JJB or any other places frequented by people who wear sports shoes as a fashion accessory. if you live anywhere of decent size you will have a 'running shop' - check out the yellow pages.

    found out what sort of foot plant you have... whether are an underpronator, overpronator etc

    this link will help:-

    or some of the staff in the running shop can tell you.

    In addition to that - need to have proper cushioning because running (especially on hardtop/tarmac) generates a lot of force, which is taken by the knee. Running a lot, without the proper shoes/cushioning means knee problems later in life.
  11. Right bollocks to this when i was a joe many moons ago i beasted myself like frig to try to get fit working on the no pain no gain principle which is utter balls to be sure to be sure
    Right lets go right back to basic why do you want to get fit? to join the army yes?
    okay the body adapts quickly to excess stress put upon it ie exercise and makes itself more adapatable ie fitter so getting fit is not a prob is it??? noooooooooo
    however motivating one's-self to do so with out the benifit of a big burly PTI or the like is, so the first step you should take in getting fit for enlistment is to train your mind for it (for the body will keep on going until the mind tells it to stop)
    So what you should be doing is this
    cant be arsed to exercise goody watch TV every time ad's come on drop and do press ups or sit up's or squats or what ever till rpogramme comes back on
    its raining is it? good run to swimming pool and swim for and hour then run home
    tires i feel force not with me i see hmmmmmm bugger it go to the gym anyway do warm up and see how you feel bet you want to do work out after wards
    the point im trying to make is this if you always ask yourself "what do i need to do to get fit" then your in the wrong frame of mind make fitness a part of your day to day life and work on your self motivation and it will come easy
    work out when your tired'cold/wet/hungry and you will get there it's not your body you need to work on its your mind for where the mind leads the body will follow set a time to go for a run and no matter what go for that run if it is just 30mins so what? you will still have done it etc its all up to you enjoy
  12. Buy a heart rate moniter!

    Though i have to say if you 18 and can't run for more than 2 minutes there is a problem lofty!!
  13. Yeah I'll defo get some proper running shoes.

    Gemill - I get what you are trying to say. Thanks for the motivational advice.

    meiktilaman - I know! The fact that I am so unfit scares me.

    Today I came across what I believe to be the miracle I am looking for.

    Please take a look at that and tell me what you all think. It also has a podcast (piece of spoken words sometimes with music incorparated - typically used for mp3 players) with music and instructions on when to jog/run! Fookin brilliant.
  14. Chase its not about gadgets its about old fashioned guts and deternination

    the only preson who can make you fit is your self! there is not gadget that will do a magic trick

    bu an mp3 player put some music on it then go run your cOck off!!

    top tip put some slow songs on first as the faster the music the faster i tend to run!

    and seriously invest in a heart rate moniter that will get you heart fit and thus improve your running no end

    start off at 20 minute trun without walking then build your self up
  15. I'll echo what meiktilaman says. There are tricks that can make it easier, but at the end of the day it's up to you.

    Top tips:

    1. Get a decent pair of running shoes, and get advice from someone who knows what they're taking about before you buy them. More expensive is not necessrily better.

    2. Find a mate to train with, then you can motivate each other. Your mate should be of a similar standard though, otherwise one of you will end up waiting for the other.

    3. Get out on the road / hill / whatever. To start with you should be trying to build stamina not speed. Aim to run at a speed where you are slightly out of breath, but still able to hold a conversation.

    4. Try and stay out a minimum of 20 minutes per session, but look to increase this to around an hour.

    5. Repeat, maybe 3 times a week, getting into a habit is the best way of ensuring that you continue the training. Don't overtrain, give your body at least 1 day off a week.

    6. Mix and match your running with other forms of running / routes. You could try cycling, swimming, hiking, gym-work, organised sports, etc. Try and keep to the 20 minute minimum though.

    7. Enjoy yourself. Remember that training is at least 50% mental, those endorphins can be quite addictive!

    Hope this helps,