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Hi all,

I've got my careers office appointment on the 31st October where i'm hoping to complete the application form and get it all completed to enable me to join up to the Royal Engineers. Even though I haven't even put in my application yet, i'm thinking about trying to get myself fitter.

Currently i'm riding about 4 miles 5 days out of 9, doing 50 pushups, 50 sit ups and 50 tricep dips. I also run the mile and half in army boots, which my mate who's already joined up has gave to me so I can practise running in boots rather than trainers, most sundays to my girlfriends house at an appauling time to be honest, hence why i'm starting to train so early. I've also been walking to my girlfriends house with about 20KG's in a rucksack and walking there as quickly as I can.

Basically, is there anything more you guys can suggest in order for me to get fitter quicker apart from ride further and run harder?

Many thanks in advance
First of all, my advice would be that you're doing too much too soon.

Don't do any work with weight on your back as you probably won't be using a great daysack/bergen and even if you are you won't have been shown how to pack it properly to prevent injury.

I'd avoid running in boots till you start training aswell, there will be plenty of time to do that then.

Keep up the upper body and vary your runs over different types of ground/distance/speed.
I can only second the above.

I would definately not do the 1.5mile run in boots. It was changed from boots to trainers many moons ago for good reasons to do with damaging joints ect.

Just relax and keep doing the upper body exercises that you are already doing and as said above, run varying distances across various types of ground WITHOUT weight for now.
why does every letch that wants to join these days think he has to run for miles with a bergan and boots ... grrr

gradually increase your work load, every 2 weeks kick up the distance you're running and the reps your doing with your upper body but not by alot, the main thing is just keep doing it, remember to take 2 rest days a week...

my work here is done.
Cheers for the replies.

Boots are off now, I wasn't running with the bergan I was just walking but a quick walk - but i'll do as you have all said and take that off until I can complete the mile and half in an appropriate time. I've got an age yet.

Would it be best if I ran maybe just a mile for 2-3 weeks or however long it takes me to feel comfortable with it, then increase it to the mile and half?

I assume the two rest days would be more appropriate maybe midweek and sundays or something similar?

Cheers for the tips.
In order to improve fitness, it is recommended that you do more than 30minutes of 'high heart rate' exercise.

So, I would forget about how many miles your doing and just run/jog for 30mins. Even walk part way if you need to, just keep going for atleast 30mins to give your heart and lungs a good workout.

2 days break each week is essential for your body to recover, i tend to take a wednesday and sunday as it breaks by week up and fits well around my other hobbies/commitments. Do whats best for you,


Thats what i did for a week, everyday and i fucked my legs up because im dumb enough to not stretch, so now its a 1.5 mile jog/sprint every 2 days, thats it, sorted, i don't reckon the strongies are doing me much good tho...

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