getting fit for the army

Drop the bike and get some trainers on. For starters you need to be able to run 1.5 miles in under 11.00 mins. Without walking. If you can do that then start on push up and pull ups. Then just stay fit and try and get that 1.5 mile run time down.
I am sure it is 20 meters. You need to get the Bleep Test downloaded and use that as well. I had it a long time ago.

I am sure someone will put a link up here for you shortly if you cant find it yourself
Hey mate, yes te bleep test alo called the MSFT (Multi Stage Fitness Test) Is normally 20m long although some people make it 15m (not sure why) I have an MP3 version of the bleep test, I used to take my portable speakers and MP3 player onto the field with me to practice, If you want the MP3 (not the player ;)) PM me.
What must do you the bleep test for? ASDC?


Anyways.. the run time could be anything really you just need to meet within the guidlines, it's really the cut off time you need to meet.. however.. as you mention a bleep test, i'm guessing your run time does indeed need to be less than 11 minutes roughly in order to actually be running at the correct pace to pass it :oops:
Correct Soozi. It's called AOSB (Army Officer Selection Board) and instead of a 1.5 mile timed run you have to achieve a set standard on the "bleep" test (MSFT).

Of course, there's also the other bits and bobs like obstacle course, races between teams, command tasks, yada yada... And it's four days instead of two days.

If you're going for AOSB then you can get info in the Officers forum and the sticky entitled AOSB. You won't do a MSFT at ADSC though. Best of luck either way.
predatorplus said:
ok a few questions, iv been running, riding my bike doing push ups and sit ups etc, but a few questions...

how far are the points for the bleep test, 15 or 20metres?

what else should i work on?

and what did you do to get fit?
Shoot me your email addy and i'll send you the bleep test mp3.
Bleep test is definately 20m. Saying that dont get the 15m version and try to do it on a 20m course! There are two versions and trying to combine them will probably mean you acheive 5 levels lower or higher than what you would actually be capable of lol.

Its pretty clear on the AOSB website (I assume you are applying as an officer as I dont think soldier selection includes the bleep test) that it is th 20m bleep test.


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