getting fit for selection

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Suedehead, May 9, 2007.

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  1. At the moment im going training 3 days a week. This is my routine -

    1.5 mile run

    50 situps

    50 pushups

    Max dips and pullups

    Can anyone suggest what else i should be doing? Also, I usually get a really bad headache towards the end of my run, this stops a few minutes after the run, what is this caused by??
  2. Hydration levels possibly?

    Just to make you aware running 1.5 miles 3 times a week won't get you "Fighting Fit"!
    Have a look in the Health and Fitness forum for more information..
  3. Go to your local ACIO and ask for a fitness wallchart. The wallchart has a 3 month training course aimed at getting you to the minimum fitness level for infantry but if you going into elite regiments like Parachute Regiment or Marines youll have to add to it. Also your headache sound like dehydration so take a water bottle with you on your run.
  4. Your headache might be caused by your breathing technique, try breathing in through your nose and blow it away through your mouth as if you were blowing out a candle. This technique can help with pace too and stop you getting a stitch too.

    Good luck with selection!

    A :D
  5. You could be dehydrated. As for what else you could be doing - try running with about 35LB of weight starting at 5 miles every other day and increasing 2.5 miles every 10 days untill your at 20 miles, then increase your weight starting at 10 miles. Also loadsa CV work in the gym.

    Good luck.

    BT. :D

    P.S. Always keep your fluid levels up mate.
  6. I'm at the same stage of application as you right now, im doing 3 miles a day 5 days a week (timing the first 1.5 then lowering the pace for the rest) and 2 upper body CV circuits a day (5x30 pressups,5x40 situps,5x20 dips,5x6 pullups) and swim 30 lengths (25m) twice a week. But make sure you have rest days and drink lots of water!!

    Hope I've been a bit of help

    PS the wallchart is a good idea too.

  7. Try reading Adrian Weales the Real SAS book, it has some good information on selection. Also this book aint bad :

    The Quiet Soldier: on Selection with 21 SAS (Paperback)
    by Adam Ballinger.

    Of course im an armchair selection expert, but i think the way to crack it is to focus on lots of hill running and building up yer mental toughness as well.
  8. Er, firecracker, I don't think you're thinking of the same selecton as this lad (at least I hope not if he's only running 4.5 miles/week!).

    Unless it's a wah!
  9. The RM is not a regiment!
    As for the training there are hundreds of threads like this on the Health and fitness board, try looking there.
  10. true, did make me wonder :oops:
  11. 3x5=15 :?
  12. No offence BT but when at ACIO as a recruiter I saw lots of PR getting serious injuries and not being able to join because they tried running with weight.
    To anyone going through the selection stage before going to ADSC dont run with weight at this stage. Wait till you get through selection to your ATR then the PTI's will give you build up training with weight.
  13. I think you've misread the 1.5 as 5.
  14. Yep Ive kinda realised 1.5 is a pish take , goin for a 5 miler today.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Dont run with weight, let the Army do that for you. I did my selection aged 15 about 27 years ago and did no prep whatsoever. 2 double periods of PE a week and a 3 mile walk each way to school ensured I was in the average bracket or so I thought. I turned out to be one of the fittest being a non smoker and not having car owning parents. I have since become a lard arrsse. Running bored me beyond belief so I enjoy walking now!