getting fit and losing weight

need to do both (getting fit and losing weight), i have just started following The Official British Army Fitness Program, but am unsure about what to be eating- apart from less than i used too. Any advice on a good food program? etc.
Cut down on saturated and trans fats, eat lots of fibrous foods (e.g. bananas, brown rice, bran, vegetables etc.), try not to snack (but if you must, go for a piece of fruit), smaller portions at mealtimes, eat more slowly (you'll feel full, quicker), cut down on red meat but eat a lot of fish.

Keep up the exercise and good luck mate.
No alcohol is a good start, you will see the weight drop off in no time at all and stay out of the chip shop/Chinese/Indian.

When you reach your target weight you can start seriously on the training. don't do too much now if you are well overweight because you will pick up an injury.
Depending on how unfit/ overweight you are I would suggest walking daily as a good starting point, it is a very good fat burner. Over time increase the distance and pace.
It is very hard to do heavier phys if you are trying to loose weight. As Josey Wales said, loose the weight first.
Cut out confectionary and fizzy drinks. Replace with fruit and water.
It will take time so dont loose faith.


Just get her to do more cardio-vascular exercises 'on top', so-to-speak. That way she gets fitter, while you can monitor her performance closely without having to break into a sweat.
Crash dieting and laxative abuse (weight loss)
Doing a 100 yard dash to the nearest khazi every few minutes (getting fit)

That'll be £500 quid please 8)
hi all,
According to me if want to loose weight then you have to do exercise regularly, follow stick diet plan for only six month by this you will able to loose as many as weight you want loose.

Best of luck....
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Have Gender Reassignment Surgery. I've lost 10Kg in 10 days!

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