Getting fit again

Hi, I got MD'd jsut before p coy in catterick after damaging my back. That was 2 years ago. Finally got med clearance, on appeal, and have started running again.
Have bin doing the mile n half now for around 3 weeks round a track everyday/every other day.
The first run was shockingly bad 11.30. It wasnt got any better since. Am pulling my f*ucking hair out. Maybe i need a better base of fitness first, i dont know but ive gotta get it sorted asap. I was 11' 7 when running late 8's and am 15 now. Its fit weight though but im wondering if that has its effect. Any ideas guys, im pretty desperate! Thanks
All i say mate is stick at it im hopin to join up next month and im doin a 2 1/2 mile run every day only started last week and i havent improved very much lol. Im fit and healthy but i havent played any sports since i left school, im now 17 i should be runin tht 1.5 miles in under 10 mins but the best i seem to be able to do is 13 mins, jus keep at it mate and good luck.
If you've only been going 3 weeks, I'd give it a little longer before you start to see results. Personally I'd start running longer distances as well if you're up to it, 15 minute exercise sessions aren't going to turn you into Chris Ryan.

But basically my message is - don't give up, you can only get faster.
cheers for the support lol the runs that i do arent on track they are road and park run so the terrain is different lol up hill and down hill alot
Like Over stated i would start running longer distances to make the 1.5 more manageable.

I personally vary my work outs i.e cross trainer,cycling,swimming etc and i can say all have contributed to my improvements quite abit, so you could vary it up abit, up to you mate

Good Luck

fit or not weight is weight and will take you longer to drag it around the track

all good advice above running the 1.5 isn't going to improve your fitness its a test - therefore a good indication of where you are at but do it once a month then you will get chance to see improvements.

lots of low impact CV work, weight training and slower distance running to improve your overall fitness, look at fartlech and sprint training to improve your speed, look at some running websites. Circuit training is great if you are short on time.

above all give yourself time - 2 years is a long time to be out of training it will take months to get anywhere near where you were but its managable - stick with it and good luck
nice one guys. thanks for the help. will increase my run length. i knew i had to jsut need a kcik upt he arse to be honest. was starting to feel disheartened. guna do a 5 miler today n see wot happens. :D

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