getting filled in!

You owe me a mouthfull of John Smiths and a new LCD Monitor ! :thumleft:


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Someone remove this before the journos have a field day

Funny though :D
I can just see the headline in tomorrows Stun

'Army bullying ouotrage continues'

this is how we all get in the sh1t - tarred with the same brush so to say

grow up boys FFS
Find out who the little shites are and charge them for attempting to bring the forces into disrepute. What a stupid thing to do.


War Hero
£250 from Jeremy Beadle on its way...oooooo alert the media...pah!!


I was walloped with a spade over my head (twice, off a NCO)during exercise and though the head swam a little I didn't go down like a sack of shite like yon mon there... a set up to get a bit of fame... put them on
CO's orders... won't be all that difficult to get their unit... with it being a jock and what sounds like someone from Derby/Nottingham I would guess it is RLC.
Total bollox! You can see he just skims the helmet with the branch and the dick falls like he's been poleaxed with a sledgehammer. Muppets.

Of course thats all the journos need to make a mountain out of a molehill these days.


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Utter Crap
The only man with a helmet on gets hit
Maybe some one can fill them in properly
Just to show them how its done
You know it would be educational
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