Getting Even!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. To cut along story short my Ex Wife is getting seriously harrased by her Husband to be's Ex Wife, he can't sort it like he wants as he then would play into her hands. (complicated with business stuff)

    Obviously the Plod are not interested even though she has been reported for assult.

    Apart from the obvious physical action I want to take the not getting mad but even ! that would be the best policy.

    Why am I getting involved, well its starting to affect my Kids, so I need to sort this:

    Any nice ideas to start putting this bitch away mentally!!

    The floors yours
  2. I don't understand - who needs sorting? Ex wife, husband to be or his ex-wife. you could have posted in Swahili and made more sense.
  3. what a surprise that plod doesn't want to know, if it was you comitting an offence it would be different, some things will never change, women will always be treated differently.

    Just get a Hard Chav Bird to have a word in her shell like ear.!
  5. Hey may have a it slower!!!.....Hey at least i was diving with sharks in the Indian Ocean this wkend.....must be cold in the UK Eh
  6. Screw with her head a bit. If you know where she lives, start putting a knome in her garden or outside her front door every night.

    Patience is they key here, but I'm sure it won't be long 'till she starts putting herself on stag at night.
    You could finish it off by littering her garden/ front door with a load of them.

    Only one downside, might be a tad expensive. Unless you nick them from other peoples gardens that is...

    You never know, could be worth it.
  7. Plod got her to sign a document to state she was not a victim of crime when she decided not to press charges due to"threats".
  8. Im due back in the UK shortly, and was going to use the old epoxy foam up the exhaust trick to start costing her money, its amazing what can focus the mind when you need to buy a car and have very little money
  9. Perhaps the children are the key. As their parent you have the right to complain about any behaviour that may be affecting their well-being. I'm not sure how you'd go about things and quite who you'd complain to but you would have to make sure that both your Ex-wife and her Husband-to-be know what you're doing and why. The other route is presumably a restraining order which would entail contacting a solicitor and keeping a diary of occurrences.
    If you are serious about this and want some proper advice why don't you PM Judge Dread, firstly to have this thread moved to the Law section and secondly because he's a solicitor who specialises in family law and may be able to represent you. Either way, if you're serious about this problem the usual NAAFI advice may not be what you need right now.
  10. A civil non-molestation order will set you back about £1500. If you can't get one via the police then this might be worth every penny.

    A course of conduct is what is required with the Police. If you call to report a crime, or incidence of perceived harassment, make sure you get a crime report number. Next time you call state you believe it is connected to another incident and give them the previous report number so that they are tied together in the computer. That way each subsequent call develops the course of conduct that the police can immediately identify. Different forces require different levels to be achieved before taking action, but if it's not serious enough to warrant an immediate arrest after enough complaints they may begin with issuing a letter of warning.

    Keep a diary of it. It's tedious and stressful, but will help enormously.

    Oh yes, it's the Naafi... Post her picture and phone number all over the internet - including fake facebook account, sign her up to lots of dating sites with suitably tailored 'about me' and 'what I'm looking for'. You may also want to interject as an intermediary to establish the maximum amount of interest, before putting punters in the direction of her door.
  11. break in to her gaff and substitute her shampoo for immac
  12. All go on Jeremy Kyle. Sounds like it'd be a good show.
  13. Couldn't you have taken her out there and made her go swimming with the fishes....? And I hope the diving out there is better than your love life...
  14. Kick her in the cunt.
  15. Cracking advice. :lol: