getting "engineered"

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Bob-Palmer, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. Heard some hilarious stories about getting "engineered" off a few blokes last week. What are your experiences of this fraternity style initiation?

    I heard 36 make you eat a shit sandwich and that at gib once you get your stable belt you have paper glued to your bare arrse and set alight and if you dont make it round the room before it goes out you get a smack with a paddle then made to do it again?

    Sounds like fun!
  2. That sort of thing never happens.
  3. Thats a shame, Nevermind!
  4. No baboons seen here.
  5. Or chug a monkey. Move along.
  6. This one time at Band Camp (48) I saw a ginger with a rezzy.
  7. "Getting Engineered"? What is that? I've never heard that expression before. :? (No, it doesn't sound like "fun" to me.)
  8. Surely that involves doing a pint of the top shelf of the bar with shorts till there's an inch left and filling it with whatever else is available? A five finger spread is recommended whether you feel like it or not afterwards.
    The other stuff sounds a bit tame?
  9. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    back in the day , they used to get sprogs pissed ( on their money ) to see how they behaved under the influence .
  10. yup heard that one too, pretty much all stories began with that.
  11. I got in an and out of 32 (98-01) without getting engineered.

    It cant be done retrospectively can it?? :)
  12. Hillarious....Really? are you sure you want to join the RE's for the right reasons? you seem a bit wierd to me!

    An Engineer is, as previously posted, a pint made up from everything on the top shelf of the squadron bar. The 'sprog' is made to drink it and see if he can hold it in, sometimes a bin is placed handy to catch the vomit and the 'sprog' may or may not be required to drink that as well....... if not someone else usually does, complete with fag ends spit and anything else that's thrown in.

    Seen an Engineer drank loads of times, never saw the bucket drank though!...oh hang on once in 45's bar in Nienburg...and some of the guys started sympathetic vomiting as soon as the 'victim' proceeded to drink it!

    Paper up your arse?... thats sounds like the dance of the flaming ********* and it has nothing to do with getting your stable belt (since when has that been an occasion worthy of celebration?) its entirely voluntary and usually done as a bet! and it doesnt involve glue...just clenching!

    Shit sandwiches??? would you readily eat one?
  13. Had that conversation last night with a colleague about eating shit sandwiches. I said I would for a measly 10 grand. Then he told me you can go blind from eating shit, made me think twice :D
  14. I wouldn't eat one no lol
  15. Dam i was there then and i didn't get away with it. Those were the days when Sqn bars never shut or if they did you could go to 31 AES bar as it was always open.

    Playing freckles and Soggy biscuit.......ohhh what fun (NOT).

    Tank races around the Model Village.

    Dam this brings back some memories.

    My engineer was top and bottom shelf but everyone's attitude in the earlier years was totally different till now. Health and Safety, Lack of Sqn Bars, all gone downhill if you ask me. Squadron bars were character building places and the places you met the characters.