Getting em out in the Golden Hour

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Here's an excellent series the LA times is running about the US wounded in Iraq, following them from battlefield hospitals through the casevac system that gets soldiers out of combat in the 'golden hour' of maximum survivability to the long process of recovery. It's an amazing look into the work US medical staff are doing, as well as a sobering reminder that for every dead GI there are dozens wounded (over 17,000 so far). Make sure you catch the Flash presentations to the side of each story (1,2,3) - pretty affecting stuff.

Anyone know if there's an equivalent look anywhere at the way our guys get casevaced?
A good article though nevertheless. 10% down from 24% is a damn good improvement. On the flip side, it shows how much practice they are getting.

In a typical week in Iraq, about 110 American troops are injured in action.
I had absolutely no idea that was the average. I know this may be seen as a callous question, but what's it like for the British?
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