getting electrical work signed off - advice.

Evening all,

I've had an extension done, the builder is finished and the electrian, who was contracted seperately, has completed all first fix and 90% second fix. BUT I can't get hold of him to complete and sign off, despite having not paid him a penny yet he won't answer his phone and deson't return messages.

So how easy is it to get another electrician in to sign off his work? will they do that or is it just a non-starter?

I'm going to ring the building control people and see if they will do the sign off - i can finish the second fix - but not sure what thier response will be as they haven't specifically looked at the electrics during the build.

Anyone out there come across this problem?

What I can tell you after I got stitched by somebody for doing some very similar work is this:

Get a written fixed quote to include all advice, guidance, quotations, testing, certificates and any allied work before you let him set foot in the place.

Otherwise should be straightforward.
If you haven't paid him get another sparks to finish off. You should pay him for what he's done less any remedial works required.


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If they are new circuits, Building Control will charge £200 plus for the Electrical Installation Conditioning Report. A 'full-scope' Spark (If you are in the North West, PM me) will charge £75 to £140,dependent on number of tests.

All beware: always ensure (see proof) the Spark doing the work is a member of a Competent Persons Scheme

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