Getting discharged/buying myself out

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Chiorino, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. Without going into all the personal issues involved in my case, I've come to the decision that I want to leave the army. I'm currently midway through phase 2 training and as I'm over 18 my DAOR window has closed. On what grounds can I try to apply for a discharge and what are my options re buying myself out, ie how much would it cost etc. I've raised the issue with my chain of command but I'm not getting too much response. I'm not a UK citizen/resident if that might have any relevance. Any advice please.
  2. You cannot buy yourself out, you should speak to your welfare officer, if you're not getting an adequate response from your CoC... also if your still in training then leave [not having reached a field unit] as a commonwealth citizen you may lose you leave to remain in the UK, I believe...
  3. Since when has there been no option to buy out? I'm not commonwealth -I'm a Rep of Ireland citizen. If I get out I have no intention of remaining in the UK as I have a wife and house back in Ireland so that is not a concern. I have spoken to the Padre and he reckons given the issues I have grounds.
  4. If you speak to your Unit Welfare Officer, he'll be able to assist you with the specifics of your particular case...

    As for buying yourself out have a look here <<<

    Note that on open engagement, which you no doubt will be on, it says NO PVR - which is purchase discharge, so that is NOT an option.
  5. You could inject hard drugs into the vein on the top of your penis, then show it the Adjutant.
  6. But he may then want to show you his... not a good idea, LoL ;)
  7. Since when was you TOLD there was a PVR in the Army anymore, if you have got some kind of paperwork saying that you may have a case but as far as Im aware there isnt. Take good look at the 271W (copy of your contract) or remember back to signing your 271A (contract) and you will note what you signed up for which would of been a minimum of four years service and a DAOR clause between the 4 week stage and three months stage (over 18) or up to 6 months (under 18). Unless your signed a totally different contract and was told lies by your recruiting office, which i doubt very much.
  8. Obviously I'd rather not go down the route of drugs/AWOL. Basically what happened was over the course of three week before Christmas I was told I would be unable to do the trade assigned to me due to security issues and that I would have to change trade/capbadge or apply for discharge. Having thought about my options over Christmas leave I decided there were no other trades I wanted I decided to discharge. Within ten minutes of informing the PSO of my decision, suddenly I was now allowed to do the trade. Having told my wife and family I was coming home and arranged a job among other things while on Christmas leave, this has messed me up big time.
  9. If you are going to be a fecking admin vortex, they may see sense and bin you off
  10. Well, I'm sure those plans are just as reversable as you joining the Army then preparing to leave again... really its your choice now I guess.
  11. Thanks for the advice folks. I realise, Bradders, that my plans are reversible but the whole episode has changed my outlook on a career in the army. Also the wife is now going absolutely spastic over the whole thing.
  12. No problem pal...
  13. Having said all that, does anybody think I have the grounds/will they actually let me know. As I said I could simply piss off back home and there's not a huge amount the army could do but I'd rather not go down that road.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Did you not read the contract you signed?

  15. Obviously not as well as I should have