Getting Commissioned? Need a sword?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by tobie, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Having just sourced one for myself, I thought I would now let everyone else know where there is an Alladin's cave of reasonably priced British Army Officer's Swords (1895 Infantry & 1897 RAOC pattern). Some are just "ok" and others in very good nick, priced from £130 upwards (I got mine with scabbard for £200 and there is at least one more for £260. Even the ones that are not yet up to parade standard (a bit of pitting) would either come up well with some T-Cut & elbow grease or a professional refurbishment if you couln't be arrsed to DIY.

    And if you don't want one yourself, then there is a real business opportunity for someone to make a few bucks here. Finding reasonably priced swords is not easy - if someone was to buy up his stock and get work on them with some polish then they would have no problem selling them on for profit; just a thought.

    The shop is in an antiques emporium, where there was at least one other shop with two swords for sale. Anyway, the address and website is below.

    Chris James
    Medals & Militaria Co Uk
    22-24, High Street,
    CV34 4AP
  2. Wow! You must be a legend in bed! GET A LIFE!!
  3. Yes you could go through all that tits or you could go to your Regimental Headquarters and sign one out that requires no elbow grease for the princely sum of NOTHING????
  4. Why on earth would somebody want to buy a sword on commissioning?
  5. What a T I T............... Bet you were a top bloke as a soldier...................NOT
  6. Or you could just get the mess to present you with one like my last place did to all commisioned RSM's. I am sure it was voted in sometime, just cant remember when.....
  7. Not wanting to be seen "rising to bait" but I just want to clarify something here. The post was put up for the benefit of Sgts' Mess members who might be (as Bards_REME suggested) getting presented one themselves from the Mess or have been given the job of finding one for their Badge as such a presentation.

    To wannabe_civvy & Sparkplug - thanks for the input.

    Don't expect any more posts from me on this subject.
  8. Do you want a nice sword for committing Hara Kiri? Stick it on YouTube.
  9. No thanks, I've still got a hole in my arse and always will have!!!!
  10. FFS, why do you guys always have to slag someone off for trying to pass around a bit of info, this isnt the NAAFI. Just because you might not find the info relevent, there is no need to deter people from offering some form of advice or help that others might find of use.
  11. Me thinks someone needs to take a stroll to stores and sign out a sense of humour!
  12. Another top reply from yet another no hoper crap hat.
  13. What have I started?

    Guys, Calm down!

    It's just a post about swords.

  14. Tobie - just a thought - your real name wouldn't be Chris James would it, and you don't come from Warwick - do you?
    Can't fool Bambi...........
  15. Damn. You've found me out.

    No, I'm not Mr James. He is a real life "Mr Dudley" (fm Little Britain) with a Ting Tong wife. Whenever I called he was always in Thailand.

    I think his wife was a proper lady though!