Getting clips from a DVD

Can anyone enlighten me as to how you go about getting a clip from a DVD to use in a PPT presentation?

I am sure it is not too difficult but certainly beyond my small infantry brain!!!

Apologies if this has been done before....


Not too difficult but you need a couple of Tools to do it.
The problem is that the video is encoded into DVD (VOB) format. This can`t be read by normal windows Proggies.

You need to rip the video (VOB file) with a special program.

Google for "SUPER" Simple universal encoder/ripper - It costs nothing and does more than many expensive programs do. Rips and converts files into a myriad of formats. Its become part of my Arsenal and I can recommend it to everyone.

Put the disc in the drive, Run SUPER - select your output format and file destination in the Menu and the program will rip the VOB and write it to your disc as AVI or MPEG (whichever you have specified).

You will see that the file on the DVD is much larger than the one written to your hard drive - this is because the file has been decoded and re-encoded. There is a slight decrease in quality due to this process, maybe 15% or less.

Once you`ve got your MPEG/AVI file on the hard drive you need to be able to view it and snip the relevant bits out. To do this you need a video editing program - there are plenty of them around on the net - Ask the God of google for "Video editor + free" and you get a million answers from the googleplex.

I would advise you to output the film as an MPEG1 or II file - this can be read by most computers (media player and PPT)and you won`t have to start searching for exotic codecs.

We look forward to seeing your Pornographic offerings soon here on Arrse

have fun....
what LIMA says, Id find Imtoo DVD ripper (have a butchers on bit torrent) which is very good and very quick. Also to tidy things up in your "Clips" and make it looks the dogs bollox, you could find a decent movie maker. Pinnacle studios do a good one with fancy transistions and faders. That would make any Infantryman look fancy. :)

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