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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by BrunoNoMedals, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I'm not a particularly inspired cook, and I like spicy food. As such, I bung chillis in a large portion of my dishes to give them some flavour. This means lots of chillis get chopped by my own fair hand, and this often results in sore eyes, nose, arrse and Little Bruno depending on what gets touched afterwards - no matter how much I scrub with hot soap and water first.

    Is there a foolproof way of ensuring that my hands are free from stinging badness before I slip a digit into Mrs Bruno after cooking? Any special detergents I can buy? Or is it as simple as running a bit of milk over them while washing?
  2. Wear rubber / latex gloves while handling the chillies?
  3. Thin latex gloves.

    You don't have to wear them all during the cooking, just when handling the chillies.

    Edited to add: DOH!
  4. Maybe.....

    Warm sugar water, rise your hands in this solution
    Wear rubber/latex gloves :? 8O
    Rub olive oil on the hands

    Best just to wear latex gloves or washing up gloves. Much better for a jimmy riddle or nookie time, or if you've got contact lenses. :)

    Or none of the above, I dunno :oops: I look like a feckin deviant now :x
  5. Chop them up with scissors and wear gloves.
  6. After washing follow up with alcohol based hand cleaner and wipe off when still wet or a quick rinse with vodka.

    The stuff that causes the misery is an oil that is soluable in alcohol.

    However prevention is better than cure so buy some disposable gloves FFS!
  7. Get wife to chop chillies? Then it's her problem.
  8. Apparently if you put some sugar in your hand and a good dollop of cooking oil, massage it all over concentrating on your fingers, wash of with soapy water then do the same with milk it gets it off.

    Just as an aside.......chili fingers could make for a fairly entertaining sesh!!!
  9. Take a big handful of chillies and place in a bowl with approx 1/4 litre of olive oil (only a guideline, just make sure it's not too dry or it won't keep). Use a hand blender to blend to a paste. Store in an airtight jar in the fridge, should keep for several months.

    Alternatively, man the fuck up. ;)
  10. Ooooo 8O :x :cry: that's made me eyes water
  11. Go and wash your mouth out. What a waste. 8O
  12. Pour a little olive oil, or even a bit of milk on your hands. The thing that makes your bellend sting is fat soluble and will be carried off in the oil. Then wash your hands as normal.

    Too much faff for me, so I have a team of indian kids working in my kitchen.
  13. I always wash my hands with vinegar or lemon juice and then with soap and water after chopping chillies or garlic :)
  14. Hold em with your feet...........DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Or just ask tinternet.
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