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Been done under AGAI67 and awarded 3 x 4 hour work parades didnt not appeal so line under that anyways. Handed signed form into RP staff and was told to come back the following midday which fell on a friday so paraded at garudroom RP staff werent there so just got my name entered into book for parading at correct time waited for 10 minutes then went off and did CO's PT then sacked it for weekend. Therefore I hadnt signed off that i had been given the dates and times for the works parades as i had not seen them. Come saturday ROS at my room telling me i am getting charged on monday for not turning up on friday night and saturday morning. Would it be justified in appealing this charge as the works parades were not on orders and i hadnt signed the paperwork which says when i have to parade for them or should i just take it on the chin and accept the charge as i could have went back to the gaurdroom after CO's PT at 1600 on the friday in the hope provo staff would be there ???
If you were given no other direction as to when and where to parade then you could appeal against it.

Go and speak to you SSM/CSM as soon as you can and explain what happened, if he is not interested at least you tried, just do the extra punishment.

You could have acted on your own initiative and returned to the guardroom, but thats just a nicety and something to bear in mind for the future.

If i were the SSM i would be gripping the RP staff for not being there to make sure you know when your work parades were.

It annoys me when soldiers don't get given clear direction.
however, playing devils advicate, you knew you were on "extras" and decided to make life for both you and your discipline chain difficult. You should have turned up at 1600! and saved even this question.
Bilbo said:
As for initiative, is that not a dirty word?
No, but crevice is.

So is moist.
The_Snail said:
Bilbo said:
As for initiative, is that not a dirty word?
No, but crevice is.

So is moist.
Talking about moist crevices................................................
Yeh sure, just get yerself down to the guardroom and tell the RP Sgt (sherrif) that you tried to comply but his staff couldn't be bothered. If you don't do that sure as hell the RSM will.
Does this look familiar yet?


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