Getting Cam Cream Off Your Face!

Can people share thier tips on how to get this stuff off, even baby whipes leave me looking grubby and i always need to take about 3 showers before i look presentable after wearing cam cream.
put vaseline on before the cam cream, it will come right off :D


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All the usual washing as already mentioned then go for a sauna to get the manky stuff our of your pores.

Use your pi$$. The enzymes in it react with the chemicals in the cam cream disolving it easily. Gets in all the nooks and crannies better than wipes.

Don't use soap in the pi$$ though it neutralizes it. pure pi$$, take your time and the cam cream will be seen off your face in no time.
A full facial normally helps, ask your Cpl to administer it.

Or use magic markers, they stay on all exercise.

A very good hand cleaner that's not too harsh to use on your face. You can always decant a little into a film canister or similar container.

Available here
and everywhere else.

Note that most other hand cleaners are too harsh to use on your face - they'll give you dermatitis. Fast Orange used to give me dermatitis on my hands it was that nasty.

The make up remover idea makes sense but I never tried it myself.
Here's the science bit, concentrate...

Cam cream has an oil base to it, which means you need one of three things to remove it.
1) soap - it breaks down the oils in the same way washing up liquid does your fried breakfast pan.
2) other oil-based products, (as they dissolve into eachother) such as vaseline or moisturiser. Or WD40, although long term application may lead to health problems in later life.
3) Some alcohols will dissolve in fats such as cam cream making it easier to wipe off, but not all so you may have to experiment with babywipe brand to find one that suits.

In short, the science backs up the experience already stated here, and recommends giving it a good wipe with something creamy/fatty/alcoholic and then using soap to remove the remnants.

Sounds like the end of a good night out to me. :thumleft:

edited, because I can't count.


I found being strapped face up on the roof rack and being driven through the local car wash worked for me every time. For H&S purposes, the local Asda insisted that I wore a 'hard hat' peak to the rear, otherwise I risked invalidating their insurances.
Use an angle grinder for those stubborn to remove areas, and then one of those electric shoe polishers you get in hotels to leave your skin simply glowing.

Other products to consider are old sanitary towels, with keema naan ingrained in them, this will strip most surfaces bare, or pre teen boys seminal fluid.

Hope this helps.
I tended to favour the Simon Weston / nikki lauder approach to cam cream removal...

At the end of an exercise I'd lock myself on a burning boat / car ensuring the cam cream was burned off.

remember to apply E45 after unless you like the 'blistered p1ss pot' look
I use make up remover things, going on the theory that max factor as rumoured to make our cam cream :cyclopsani:

To tip for washing, use a sponge rather than a flannel in the field, one of those ones you can get for dishes works fine ( be sure to pull the scourer of first though )
Hand yourself over to a rather angry native American indian at the end of an exercise.

P1ss him off sufficiently that he will in order that he skins your face for you

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