Getting banking fees back

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Yokel, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can found out about reclaiming banking fees? I've heard you can download standard letters, I've no idea where to look.

  2. Well he is called "Yokel" :D

    Probably trying to claim back sheckles.
  3. I hope you know that there is a 99.99% chance that you wont ever get the charges back.

    If you have £5,000 + in the bank then you can have one charge back for every year you have been with the bank.
    If you don't you can only get one back as a gwg and thats really it.
  4. Where did you get that information ? I claimed back around £600 in charges over the last 7 years - with an extra bit of interest on top.

    The moneysavingexpert website will give details on the current court case being brought by the banks to stop the repayments and how that will effect your claim.
  5. I work for a bank and spent 12 months dealing specifically with Charge cases and I can assure you that's absolute b0llocks.

    From a goodwill gesture point of view each bank is different, from the current craze of everyone claiming their charges back over the past 6 years an official definitive decision on whether they are legal or not has yet to be established.

    However, it will cost your bank around £500 if you take them to court over charges - so if you are claiming more than £500 back they may dig their heels in at the complaints stage and not give you anything back as there is still a profit to be made, if it is under £500 then you are likely to get them back as a oner as they would end up loosing money by going to court and it'd be cheaper just to give you your money back.

  6. After typing the post I went to Google and found the same site!

  7. I got this information from my old team leader while working in a retail contact centre for HBOS they had issued everyone a flowchart during the test case for calls that came through.
    If you had £5000+ in a savings account or held by the bank then you were classed to have a suitable relationship with the bank.
  8. Yes, and that would be HSBCs own internal way of dealing with GWG - see my bold. It's not a law or something that is enforced by the FSA/Ombudsman. We won't have anything other than each individual banks own policy to work with until the Test case is finalised.