Getting Back on the Horse: Fckucking Siht Run Today.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JayCam, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Does this ever happen to anyone? I went out for a 4.5 mile run which I intended to complete in 40 minutes... nice easy pace. So I set out and by the end of the second mile I am dying and getting stitch after stitch and am just about ready to give up but pushed myself through the run anyway.

    It should have been an easy run I have done this route a bunch of times before but for some reason today sucked...

    Anyone else get that?

  2. I have recently, but thats more to do with being laid up with fucked knee ligaments for the last 7 or 8 weeks. Its coming back though!

    Try to vary your route, or were you on the piss last night etc etc!?
  3. Yes mate I do, you're going to have 'off' days, I usually run 4 miles 3 times a week, I went out the other day and after a mile and a half I was fcuking shagged! so I stumblds through another half mile and called it a day. Sometimes you aren't in the right frame of mind either and that can have a big effect.
  4. Agreed, i do 3.5 milers every other day, and some days i just feel like rubbish, not interested in the run and the body isn't up for it. Don't worry about it, it happens.
  5. same here. get to about mile an a half point and starts to hurt. push it through the next half mile and it seems to ease a bit then carried on til the end. still shattered when i got in though. found a new route which has some extra hills in it and isnt too bad
  6. Cool so its not just me..

    Yeah I think there was a bunch of things working against me.. I had eaten fairly recently, drank too much water before hand, had too much sugar (I have a blood sugar thing.. its complicated) and was just generally not feeling like running...

    Will just write it off and try again tomorrow!


  7. I wouldn't worry at all about it, JayCam. As has already been said; it happens.

    I normally do 3-4 miles three time per week and either Sat or Sun I lay in a longer stretch of about 8-10 miles. But every couple of months, either on a short weekly stretch or on the longer weekend one, I find that I'm very nearly running on me fückin' rims towards the end.

    I think you'll probably find that your next run goes off with no great drama. Just keep it up.

  8. only time i normally get a stitch is when i drink to much water either before the run or during. But like everyone else said you get off days, unless it happening all the time nothing to worry about!!
  9. Its the feeling in my legs that gets me. Feels like 2 toddlers grabbing my ankles and im dragging them along as i run.

    Is it a lactic acid thing?
  10. i get a similar feeling. When I'm goin down hills, it feels like a train is coming down on my ankles. Not at all cool.. I have major flatfoot which could be part of it..
  11. Same thing happened to me yesterday - out running with a mate, felt like sh1t all the way. I had been running every day this week and just done too much - is this your problem? I am having today off (exercise) and expect to be fine tomorrow. It just happens from time to time - don't worry about it.

  12. You've got flat foot/feet? Doesn't that prevent entry to the Forces?
  13. Nope, you can still get in if you can pass selection with it. It'd be against the disability laws if i couldn't, as I'm still capable of doing the job just as well as somebody without flatfeet
  14. Yes I think that was the problem.. I have been in Dublin over the weekend so missed two runs so hopefully tomorrows will go off without a hitch, last Friday's was ok.. not great just allright.

  15. I had flat feet for the fifteen years I was in and managed, mind you in REME I didn't do a lot of running it fcked my feet up to the extent that I'm classed as 20% disabled and the army accepted responsibility for it.