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Hello guys,

Anyone working in the recruitment side of things that might know about ex-army getting back in?

I know in the past it was quite easy, but since the redundancies I presume it's pretty impossible.

Anyways I'm ex REME but would actually want to retrade should it be possible.

Cheers for any input.
There's a big thread in this section somewhere for those rejoining, it should give you all the information you need.

I don't think the redundancies will have any impact on you at all though, afterall what is the difference between them taking you on and them taking a fresh-faced recruit?

Good luck finding your answers.
Actually I heard that re-joiners had to wait longer than fresh starters? I think it may have been hearsay at selection so don't quote me on it. Anyone shed any light on that?

Roughly it went like this, ''Fresh starters get their applications processed first due to the fact that people re-joining gave up their space''. You get the general idea but, like I said, not sure?
I suppose they'd take your reason for leaving first time round into consideration.
Ye I just been into the career office to see what the crack was.

He basically told me that it's does take longer because your application has nothing to do with the career office but with the corps which you want to join/rejoin.

Also each core has a set number of rejoiners that they will allow to enlist each year (from April).

So the application will get sent to my first option, if they say no, then onto my 2nd, then 3rd.

If that doesn't work I'm ******* life off altogether and joining the Legion!
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