Getting back in but problems...

right I will make this simple, soon as I finished school in 2004 I went to the AFC for 3 months, come out due to being stupid and wanted to come out (wish I never did now!) then tried RN this year and failed on my medical as I told the med officer about self harm (something Im not sure about as I was paraletic and was caused by basically fighting but think my doc report says self harm X2/3 times) so was honest and he said it was an S8 so couldnt join EVER... but was thinking would the Army just use my old med records they already have from 04 and not request my GP records?
If so it would make my day, if not then Im wondering what the doctor could help me out with
Where you stupid for telling him that? some things are best kept to yourself, yes they will have your new records because they will be posted to your GP, and if your wanting to get a medical assessment fom the army you still have to get assessed by your civvy doctor before you can go up to ADSC.

Have a word with one of the recruiters on the armyjobs website, you can remain anonamous that way, although they might not give you a straight answer, they generally just tell you to go to your local AFCO but its worth a try. good luck anyway.
the whole process will start from scratch, GP docs will be looked at.

More than one incident of self harm makes you ineligble to join
Check JSP 346 (its got its own thread if you look for it)
lol I know what you mean it doesnt sound like fighting too much lol probably with my self literally there....
just hate the fact I had a good oppurtunity at 16 and didnt realise civvy life is just boring and no career prospects around here for me and many my age (20 years old) just wish I did civvy jobs before going in and realising what career is there for you in the forces. I tried RN this year like I say but they had to wait for my F MED 4 docs from glasgow (hence the 6 months wait!) and the med officer was reading them (which was fine) so thought afterwards would they of even checked my GP records, as there was no worry in anything as Im fine basically.

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