Getting Away With Murder.

One which seems to have snuck in beneath the Radar last week by David Hanson MP is changes to "Guidance" which essentially, gives murderers, bombers, and all their related parasitic scum MORE rights than employers / existing workers in applying for jobs in Northern Ireland.
i.e. If an existing employee had say, UDR, RUC, or civilian members of their family murdered by terrorists, who were convicted or not, (lets face it, we know who most of the scum were and are). Now, these scum will basically be able to force any employer to discount their convictions, however gross, and be considered for any job without that relative's feelings / thoughts being taken into consideration.
WTF!!! They got the best of conditions in jail, they're not terrorists, they're criminals.
They got released early under Bliars lies, smoke and mirrors.
They now extort, steal, claim to maintain their lifestyles.
They set up roles as "Community Activists!!" paid for by taxpayer.
Now, they effectively have, GOT AWAY WITH MURDER.

Fcuk this, am I the only cnut that thinks this is fcucking wrong?????? :x
What is happening now has it's roots in the Good Friday Agreement so in that sense it is nothing new. Republican and Loyalist communities will get the benefit of the proposals. It is a very long and somewhat dense document but try and wade through Yes - it does deal with Republican issues but the same finding could well apply to Loyalists. We have something similiar here run by NACRO; there is a NIACRO.
Whilst the annoyance is understandable at first sight, one needs to consider the situation where these ex-offenders are excluded from all employment by virtue of things done in the past. They might be less than ideal citizens - maybe even at the bottom of the gene pool - but they deserve a fair crack of the whip. All that is being planned is that they stand on the same footing as blameless applicants; preference is just to emphasise that point. Excluding men from work just continues the climate of injustice. If there is ever to be even a smidgen of peace in NI, the seeds need nurture.
I'm sure there will be few who will post in agreement with me. This is just my opinion - likae arrses we all have one. I've set mine out with hope that some balanced discussion might ensue. They are not planning to let anyone get away with murder - Blair has already done that. The change is seeking to tame the few who will use any opportunity to kick off.
So someone who has slaughtered say 14 civilians at La Mon has his record ignored while someone with a record for shoplifting has his taken into account so the mass killer gets preference,seems fair to me :x
A noble, if naive outlook Old RedCap. Don't be swayed by the soundbites from ex prisoners and their cohorts. These tramps have not, as yet, been seen queuing up at jobcentres or building sites looking for work only to be turned away due to having been a symptom of the troubles, (unless you count the weekly protection rackets).
These fcukers were the cause of the troubles, loyalist and republican. Those of us who grew up in the Province were subject to the same problems, cultures and issues, yet only a small minority of scum took up arms and murdered, oh, and while they were at it, lets rob banks, building sites, and anyone else to fund a champagne revolution.
Any of the radio interviews so far by these scum has shown them glorifying what they did in their war, no regret for the murder of civilians, police, soldiers by sneaking around at the dead of night and planting a bomb beneath their seat to kill them in the morning.
We also have the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act? where all convictions are only "spent" after a certain time, some, not at all, this guidance goes even beyond that.
These fcukers should not be treated the same as blameless applicants, they lost that right when they cvarried out their crimes, they weren't forced, they did it of their own free will, some actually enjoying the bloodlust. In any other civilised part of the world, these fcukers would be hunted down for war crimes, not feted and courted as here.
So someone who has slaughtered say 14 civilians at La Mon has his record ignored while someone with a record for shoplifting has his taken into account so the mass killer gets preference,seems fair to me :x
That is the argument, RUC. :?

One of my closest friends and his wife were murdered in La Mon on their first wedding anniversary; and I am not inclined to regard their murderer in the same light as, say, someone who had negligently allowed a garden bonfire to get out of hand and scorch his neighbour's roses. :roll: 8O

The instigators of this new set of guidelines/rules have taken their cue from RoI/Free State, which had to learn to accomodate homegrown murderers after their War of Independence and subsequent Civil War. They did it tolerably well.

But the butchers from both NI communities (plus the troublemakers from RoI) had no mandate from any majority to justify their deeds. :x

I'd rather employ a "decent, ordinary ex-lag" anytime . . . . . 8)
Who said crimes does'nt pay?

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