Getting away with it?

I seem to remember being in the s**t more in Germany but getting less punishments, if any! Once back in the UK it seemed we were getting bounced for even minor stuff. :eek:
Would love to comment mate but Ive never been there :(

I'm a super crow you see ;D

But that is pretty much what I've heard ;D ;D ;D
Germany was a great place to serve your apprenticeship and learn to drink beer and explore Europe.

The windows of oppurtunity were endless

I truly believe that if I'd stayed in BAOR I would still be in now

For the guys who never served there you really have missed out on a superb experience.

As for getting away with it..... On arrival back in Minden on a Saturday morning at 6 oclock when the Bars closed Taxis were expensive to a B3 Airtrooper so initiative kicked in and we pinched the paperboys bikes and  took the three mile trip back to camp on them... it was always a familiar face on the gate so we generally got in without being challenged as to why we were carrying three dozen boxhead papers

When the camp closed they drained the lake and found about 40 pushbikes in various stages of decomposition


War Hero
I think that I may just have the answer as to why!

squadrons in germany held a captive audience, as there was little chance of going home at the weekend etc people had to get cant get on if your all being bounced around for various reasons.

In UK, Squadrons on the whole only function during working hours and rarely have any other involvement between the ranks. Even at sqn do's you'll find most departments sitting in their "Departments" and not mixing. It is therefore a lot easier to dish the dirt without any comeback later......

When I left wallop fresh from the box there were 3 regiments, an independant Sqn and 2 independant Flts in germany and it was fantastic....easily the best memeories Ive got since joining.
Germany ruled!Although i hear it has gone a little downhill now :(
As for getting away with stuff-it was quality as all of it was drink related ;D Except the time when yours truly rolled in at 0430 and slept in through PT......A certain Sigs Sgt who is now  at depot as the SSM , took great delight in drilling me up and the pan for a good 20 mins-that hurt!!!!!!LOL!!!!! :D
Shut up mouse! That times been and gone. Get over it Loser.
Forget about your 18 cans of "Wobbley" passing out and not remembering a thing, it's over! Get on with life in a real Regt. If your still in ;D
OH DEAR!still gobbing off Booming through-I know you are typing , but all i can read is BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!! ;DSomeone will be getting a beating today! :mad:
Oh dear, ........OH DEAR, OH DEAR!!!
I think it's time you got some new desert boots, cause your getting to bloody big for yours my son!

Now F**K OFF & DIE C**T !!!
What have people been getting away with?
Do you mean getting away with paying SVAT and lining our Governments pockets? Or has something happened that we may all want to share. ???
I used to nick the NBC suits (still in their vacuum packs) from the crash stores, and sell them to the local German Sunday market stall holder.  Used to get 20 marks each, he'd sell them for 60 marks each.  

Used to help myself to the bar stock at 7 Flt as well when duty barman.  Many a Friday night I'd stagger through the woods with a create of free Berliner Kindel.  Then one of the lads in the block would rob it off me.  There's no justice !!
You seem to get away with more than you let up CC, nothing like keeping it in the family eh??? ps let get a tattoo? ;D

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