Getting Ash Mobile - facebook group.

Hi folks,

Just like to let people know about this group... its genuine, and in dire need of your help.
Ashley Hall, some of you may know, some may not, was injured last year in an IED explosion
in Afghanistan.
He and is family are bikers, riders, ride motorcycles.. which ever tag you would like to use.
He is a partial amputee, so riding a bike will be difficult, but not impossible.
The idea is to get enough funds together to get a specially adapted trike.

Welcome to Facebook

Thats the link, please give what you can, when you can.

Times running short now, as the next bid ride of respect is coming round quickly. Lots of people would like to see Ash at the head of that run on the trike.

Please help.
bit of an update from one of the guys running the appeal

Phil Hayes every sunday we will update the total,today the total raised so far for getting ash mobile is £1,812.24, thank you to all that has donated ,if you would like to donate please click on tab at top of page called discussions to view ways to pay and thanks as every penny helps.

Thanks taken from the facebook page...
Welcome to Facebook
Hi, GETTING ASH MOBILE we have a webpage to view and have now raised £3,638,69p
so please view the new webpage at GETTING ASH MOBILE - Home thanks. if you would like to donate we do have a donate button on the webpage,if you can help us in anyway then please go on the webpage and contact us as it is going very slow at moment and we need to get ash his trike thanks

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