Getting an Unaccompanied Suitcase from UK to Hong KOng?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Aug 23, 2013.

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  1. Due to a travel agent and Cathay Pacific up-cock, my daughter had to leave a suitcase in the UK when she flew back her last week-end.

    Any idea of the most cost-effective way to get it from the UK (Middlesbrough) to Hong Kong?
  2. Send it via parcelforce global express, only thing is they will need a list of contents etc and there are some prohibitions content wise

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  3. If its a Cathay Pacific cock up, its their problem...
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  4. easy go to unaccompanied baggage, fill out the declaration and list of contents, cost us 125quid from heathrow to Brisbane for 21kgs 10 weeks ago ,only problem we had were batteries left in radio control unit, once they were removed plain sailing , took 5 days door tto door
  5. Once it is outside the EU any package must list the contents
  6. Give it to two unsuspecting teenage girls heading out to Ibiza (just ask them to divert the journey ) and ask them to take them on normally works out ok.
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  7. Is what is in the suitcase really worth the cost of sending it out to hongkong ? I suggest sending on the bare minimum as looking on parcel force and royal mail it can get expensive
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  9. Grumblegrunt

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  10. if its an airline cockup they can send it unnacompanied as a "rush".

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  11. Thanks for the responses guys.

    Essentially SWMBO went in to a travel agents in the UK to book the flight for our 9 y.o. daughter who was flying back to Hong Kong as an unaccompanied minor.

    Wife queried baggage allowance, travel agent called CX and got an answer which was passed on to wife. As wife is now having chemotherapy, friends drove 9 y.o daughter to LHR to check her in. CX desk staff said that the allowance was something different to what wife had been told, which meant packing and reloading one suitcase which accompanied daughter to HK, the other suitcase had to go back with the friends. Consequently CX culpability is a bit difficult to prove.

    If SWMBO was feeling more on form she may well have a go, but the chemo is starting to have its effect.
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  13. Send her the money that it would cost to get the suitcase to HK probably about £150 and tell her to go shopping down Granville Road, or Temple Street night market with an appropriate guardian, cheap clothes galore.

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  14. Agree with Supermatelot, should be a rush bag jobby, not an issue and quite a regular thing, no charge
  15. Doesn't sound too much of a problem to be honest. One suitcase - irritating and a nuisance I agree. However, when I was posted from Germany to Hong Kong, ALL my MFO arrived in Suffield. Someone in Suffield knew me and knew where I was posted so eventually, three months I think, the MFO arrived in Hong Kong. Happy Days!