Getting an MA for applied learning

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Outstanding, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. Is there an MA available in recognition of a full Officers Career?
  2. If there is, now that I'm a fat civvy - I want one!

    So much easier than a damn MBA
  3. LoL - I take it this is a joke post?

    A degree for doing next to nothing?

    Maybe there should be a GCSE for a soldier's full career too!!!
  4. There is a new (I think) DIN that specifies what qualifications you can get with a little bit of money and experience in certain ranks.

    It used to be 2006DIN02-317 referring to City and Guilds quals in leadership and Management, but I think it has been superceded/updated.
  5. Click here for more information

    Senior Award Level
    Eligibility- Officers
    Eligibility – Other Ranks/Ratings

    Licentiateship (LCGI)
    On completion of RMAS Commissioning Course
    Substantive Sergeant

    Graduateship (GCGI)
    Captain plus 2 years in substantive rank
    Staff Sergeant plus 2 years in substantive rank and WO2

    Membership (MCGI)
    Major plus 2 years in substantive rank. Also open to LE Captains who were substantive WO1s for 2 years or more.
    Warrant Officer 1 plus 2 years substantive rank
  6. Thanks Green M - that's what I was talking about, but I am 99% certain that I saw another document recently that talk of other awards that could have prior experience added to them etc. This may be along the lines of obtaining the MA for being an officer.
  7. OS might be referring to the Modular Masters Programme-see DIN for details
  8. Give your local 'Ejumikatorz' a ring mate, they'll be on top of all of that and more (claims, etc).
  9. Cheers Biscuit and OBM
  10. The other route for professional recognition is the Chartered Management Institute. You have to fill in a form, send them details of what you've done, and pay the fee. They'll come back and say where you fit on their scale.

    As Biscuits said, speak to the educators - they have the institute's details and the application forms.
  11. CMI website is
  12. Had a swatch at the CMI website all seems to be based around degree or academic qualifications gained not a lot for time and experience gained in service, bit slot machine ish in my books, tick box pay and bingo you are a Fellow.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Maybe thats because the things you learn with an army rank do not cover all the things you need to know as a civvy manager. The army is much better at creating leaders as opposed to managers - there is a big delta between that and what most companies need.
    Membership/Fellowship etc is only useful for networking, not to be underrated in importance though. CMI is not bad.
    Chartered Manager is not going to be achieved by just paying a fee, so I consider them when I hire. Not interested in C&G, NVQ's etc unless its obvious that the person had to work for them - I have a bagful myself so I know how mickey mouse most of them are.
  14. Alsacien I do appreciate what you are saying, I left in 84 after completing a SSC then did the Corporate big Company stuff courses management, directorships but not having a degree means I can't get beyond the Associate on the web based application, it's not a gripe just a fact.
  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    There is a rather obvious answer to this little problem is there not :wink:
    An associate would have the same networking opportunities as any other grade, so that is not important IMO. Being a member or an associate is not going to count to most employers so don't get hung up on that one.

    CPD is the key I believe to staying employable until retirement - would you want to hire someone for any progressive industry whose most recent education was in the last century :?

    UK is the only European country I know where not having a degree would not automatically be a limiting factor on career progression. However how you get a "degree level qualification" offers massive scope and options. The CPD guidance from CMI is in my experience quite good.