Getting an award for the good people of Wootton Bassett

I was just thinking that the town and people of Wootton Bassett deserve recognition for the public service they provide while repatriating our boys.

So I propose the town of Wootton Bassett is awarded The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service. link

What do people think?
I dont think we can do it, looks like groups within the Community, and we need two letters of support.

Hopefully I may be wrong.
Perhaps we should all write to the head od the council (the elected member) expressing our appreciation of their display of respect and common decency. That should be passed on to the community to show that what they are doing is seen and noted by many who are unable to attend.
I do think there should be something done for the people at Wootton Bassett. Some kind of perminate 'Thank You' from the Armed Forces.I know last year there was a Parade and Fly Past but I think there needs to be something solid for them to see/use. If Lynham closes, once the repatriations stop it will be soon forgotten. Each time there is a repatriation ,there is some disruption to the traffic etc,but they do not complain.Today people stood for hours in the cold and damp but none left.

Perhaps a memorial on the High St to go with the one already there or a Community Center.I think the MOD should sit down with the Council and see what could be done.

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