getting acting sgt for a postiing

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jonah1163, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. i,am getting acting sgt for a posting, i,am on level 4 cpl, wot level will i go on as acting sgt, also when i come back from the posting can they demote me back to cpl, how can i stop them from doing that ? will doing the snco clm help ? ( i,am in the infantry goin to a RLC training depot cheers for your help
  2. If you are "acting Sgt." not "local Sgt." then i thought you were usually promoted after 6 months doing that job? If its "local" then i believe you will revert back to your substantive rank. How long is the posting??

    *edited to add, you should enter 1 pay-band up from your current pay.

    Also if your doing the job of a Sgt. you will probably be promoted fairly quickly anyways.
  3. hi it,s defo acting and the post is for 2 and half yrs, i,am in the infantry going to a RLC training depot,
  4. Oh god. Let us hope that they send you to grammer school before they send you to teach Recruits.
  5. Is that a volunteer to accompany him to his grammar school? ;)
  6. And while we're at it, your name should be 'life'sabummer'. With an apostrophe.

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  7. ............... and while we are still at it, God, as commander in chief of all things, awarded himself a capital "G" but he didn't extend the honour to the recruits that you will be teaching.

    "Oh God. Let us hope that they send you to grammar school before they send you to teach recruits."

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