Getting accepted with a criminal record

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ward, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I'm having real trouble even getting to apply for the infantry. I have 3 criminal convictions, dating back to 2001. My local army careers office have been totaly unhelpful, to the point where they don't even seem to know what they are talking about. Each number i ring, each person i speak to, i'm told something different. I really don't know who i can talk to to. Is there anyone who could advise me on getting someone to look at my case and get a possibility of some form of dispensation from somewhere?

    Thanks in advance people

    A very let down Dean :(
  2. Wait outside the careers office until some police officers are walking past, and then lob a brick right into the window. Tell them you want their attention, then you'll have 4 criminal convictions and the army will be just gagging to get you in ! Also, FFS dont tell them your name is DEAN, especially if you wear 'bling'.................must be a WAH ?
  3. Depends on what you did

    I believe minor offences (none custodial) do not have to be declared after 5 years (re-hab of offenders act), but you will have to check all this out - speak to citizens advice or even a solicitor (first half hour free).

    Once your in it doesnt seem to make too much of a difference.
  4. That was helpful, thanks.
  5. They aren't spent convictions. They were all non-custodial sentences. Although the last one was Sept 05
  6. As i said speak to a brief or even a probation officer who might be able to get a letter off a magistrate.

    This would surely demonstrate your intention to be a "good boy " and make an honest living. I suspect it would go a long way to helping at the careers office.

    Also dont accept the first answer you get from the careers office try others. Alot of squaddies will either be barrack room lawyers or if they dont know what the answer to a problem is will blag rather than get off their arrse and find out.
  7. Thanks people! I really am greatful :D
  8. What are your convictions?
  9. More chance of adding to your convictions tally if you join up! Seriously though, the mil have relaxed their recruitment criteria. If you are big enough to put convictions behind you and move on and offer the mil something while making a career for yourself then I see no reason for you not to suceed. Just persevere until you get what you are after. Good luck.
  10. Don't worry, even if you get life for something you'll be out in 6 years to do whatever you want....
  11. Ward,

    If, on that page, you clicked on the 'Select Committee on Defence Written Evidence', you would find "Here you can browse the Written Evidence ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 3 March 2005." and as it is from Parliament's website, I'd guess it was still current.
  12. Criminal damage 2000, possession of an offensive weapon 2002, threatening behaviour 2005. I pleaded guilty on all of them, all of them were silly things that happened with no pre-meditation. I want to get these behind me and keep them behind me, yet they are preventing me from doing so. Kind of a double negative really! I want to be judged as who i am and not what silly things i done, 2 of which when i was practically a kid! (bar last years)
  13. Nice one, thanks