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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Radical_Dreamer, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. I'm writing a tiny bit of a paper and there were two BBC documentries.. actually, one programme and one documentry broadcasted some 10-12 years ago. I have the title of the thing and all the dates. I've contacted the BBC on their website to ask for it but I recieved one of those copy/paste replies stating that they can only offer programmes from the last three months, I think.

    Anyone know of an alternative way to go around this?

    Many thanks
  2. What are titles and dates? Someone on this site might have a copy....

    edited to add punctuation...
  3. Frontline Scotland: Falklands, Task Force South

    Is the one I'm currently after :)
  4. Many thanks, mora! Unfortunately, the BBC have not been helpful so far and google definitely doesn't have it. Looking through the third link and I hope it's a bit more helpful than the others.

    edit: interesting finds.. wonder how far it'll take me.

    edit 2: No find :x
  5. the bbc catalogue is amazing service, right now it's offline whatever, try tomorrow . i found there actual screen transcript or full description of documentaries. dream.
  6. I have tried that, but they don't provide you with the actual video upon request, unfortunately