Getting a stiff one.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by peanut-picker, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. It may just be me but I seem to get a stonking stiff one in the worst of times, for instance the other day I got one whilst combing my nans hair, and just a couple of hours ago whist stroking my neighbours dog whilst wearing my cycling shorts it happend again.

    Share your embarressing moments.
  2. Combing your nans hair.....Now thats just bloody sick!!
  3. I'm currently on an urban close target recce, and have disguised mysellf as an old 'nana' in order to blend in and some bloke came along and started combing my hair and he had a boner sticking out of the top of his cycle shorts. I nearly blew my cover and came close to slotting the fcuker with my black fairburn sykes knife I keep in my support stocking. Now that would have been embarrassing :x :oops:
  4. While playing a casualty on BCD?
  5. Whilst getting my hair cut at the local hairdressers. I have only ever been to a unisex salon once. It was well worth £12 to get my scalp rubbed with udders but the erection was a tadge embarrassing.
  6. While getting a colonoscopy. In my defence, the doctor was quite a handsome bloke.
  7. lol I see im not alone in the aquad moments scenario then, also the sideways crab walk to get away is standard procedure whilst getting a stiffy so know one can notice.
  8. whilst in the sauna at the local gym. i had to sit htere for ages trying to getthe bugger to go down. im sure the lass in there knew i had it up. she kept giving me looks.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I got one the other day while waiting at a bus stop - there I was, rubbing myself up and down against the the lady in front of me, and could I get it to go down? Could I 'eckers like!
  10. Was it your nans pubic hair or her pooencrusted bumhair?
  11. Head hair she's bed bound and its gets knotted easily bless her cotton socks. I waxed the pubic areas the week before so she's ok in that department.
  12. So spin her round, whip her falsies out and tell her how you have always fancied her.

    Got one in the dentists admiring the receptionist, but the cure was simple.
    "Dwarf you are next for the dentist".
  13. :clap:
  14. ATR Pirbright 2004

    Instr- Pte The Cheat can you identify the feature found at 208 377?
    TC- Yes Cpl.
    Instr- Well can you come up here and point it out on my map?
    TC- Um, no Cpl
    Instr- What?! You just said you knew! Are you bullshitting me?
    TC- No Cpl, I know what it is.
    Intstr- Then get up here and show us!
    TC- I can't... I've got a boner...
    Instr- .....Really?
    TC- Yes Cpl...
    Instr- Sicko
  15. Having my head massaged prior to a hair cut by some fit Aussie hairdresser bint in Earls Court.

    "You enjoying this?"

    "Is it that obvious?"