Getting a SIM card and doing a SE Asia MilSat

Discussion in 'Travel' started by TheIronDuke, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Those of you know and love me may believe I am a security and comms expert. I am not. I have just made a few quid out of talking shite to stupid *******.

    In fact, I am a Babe in the Woods (down jarrod) and can just about manage to take a call on my mobbie in the UK.

    I shall shortly be poodling about SE Asia and for once, the firm is not picking up the tab for my mobbie calls to the UK, US and my chums in Chechnya.

    I have heard you can buy a chip so the fish faced enemies of the people at Orange may not charge you £50 a minute to call your old Mum.

    How does that work?
  2. If my phone was not network locked, which it ain't. I'd buy a 'pay as you go' sim, whilst in country, with an international add on.
  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, so I hand my mobbie to a skinny chap in Vietnam? That is up there with "Ah, Madam, nice diamond ring. We will clean it for free". Then the slant eyed half men take it in the back and switch the stones.

    I am not paranoid. I am careful.
  4. Just buy a sim from the local market, change sims card, that's it. You could use that wireless thing on an iphone to talk for free to other iphone users.
  5. Change the sim your self. You some sort of retard? ffs.
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  6. Yep, as Jarrod says, it's that easy. As long as your mobile is unlocked.

    I used local SIM Cards in Iraq and Afghanistan (Yeah, I know, Baaaadddd Puppy) and never had a problem, They're ******* cheap as well.
  7. I have sims from three countries, all work fine in an unlocked iPhone. Problem was that they were all used most of the time, so I now have the "home" one in the iPhone and the other two in an unlocked Duos. Works a treat, and saves roaming costs.
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    If I wasn't retarded regarding how mobbies work abroad I wouldn't have spent my valuable time making the original post, would I?

    Research from Cambridge University indicates that people who ask me stupid ******* questions develop Hemorrhoids within two years. You should run your finger around your ringpiece when you have a shower. When you can afford to have a shower. ****.
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  9. If you are a few weeks out, buy yourself a 5" screen, dual sim, android 4 based phone from an online Chinese supplier like ahappydeal dot com... stick to those specs and you should be fine.

    If you have no time, look for a seedy celly store kiosk thingy run by a small brown person aspiring to be a chav at the nearest mall type structure. Ask him/er for the big screen dual sim chinese android thingies..

    The sim compartments will be underneath the battery, the fingernail sized sim you will buy to stick in there will break out of a phenol-plastic credit card you will be buying when you step off the plane if you can't find a cheap "international" sim at home. Alternatively you could just buy the phone when you get to Vietnam, but you will take a risk of getting a fake fake. (IE java based shite that looks good)

    With an android phone you will want to set up an appropriate gmail account before you leave and use your computer to set up (or import) all your contact info, then, you will tie that account to your new android phone, and you will be able to use that info no matter which combinations of sim you use in it, or on any other android phone you may acquire to add to your collection for travel.

    And... next time you want a website, give me a call.
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