Getting a rabbit out of a hole...

I need ARRSE ingenuity here, oh and we are talking about the fluffy, edible variety of rabbit.

Family pet has had free range of back garden for past three years and has got quite comfortable, having dug himself two tunnels that lead who knows where (but I am fairly certain not to any kind of freedom) and which may or may not join, entrances are two feet away from each other. Problem is that we are moving this weekend and if the rabbit isn't caught by Monday, the holes are being filled in whether he's caught or not. I have withdrawn food (back garden is pebbled, no plants) for the past three days but still no show.

I personally am happy to just bury the damn thing, thus saving me the cost of buying a hutch, but my daughters still haven't let me live down the "baking the gerbils" incident three years ago and I'd like to be looked after in my dotage.

Suggestions? Thunderflash, petrol/sugar combination and a Jack Russell have already been voiced by helpful friends. I'm thinking of putting the water hose down the hole but as water pressure isn't very strong I'm not convinced that will do any more than give him mud to play in.
Start a fire at one hole, chuck on fire anything that makes smoke, blow smoke down hole......
Turn the garden hose on and stick it down one of the holes, it will come out when it starts losing air.
Failing that, it will drown, so job done either way.
Buy another rabbit of opposite sex, put bow round neck, tether second rabbit in home made trap, let nature do the work, bonus is rabbit stew for as long as you want
My mates Ferret, but survival of target might be a problem, you could try humain traps at night
Did I mention I need the thing alive? :lol:

As march out is on Tuesday, 3 kilos of PE4 might make more mess than I have time to clean up!
Just pour water in one of the holes. Hose pipe or bucket fulls doesn't matter how. Once bunny gets wet enough it will come out, works every time unless said rabbit has dug an escape tunnel under the fence and awaay.
Leave an open can of petrol next to the hole for an hour or so, fumes will gravitate into the hole, either the bastard will run out as the fumes suffocate it, it will actually suffocate, if that fails drop a lit match down the hole and be prepared for a camoflet type explosion which will fill in the hole and cover any evidence.
auscam said:
Wouldn't the .30 cal make a mess?
Not that mate, Andy who owns the Ferret armoured Car lives in Wainwright in Alberta, I meant Spanner who lives around the corner and keeps ferret, animal types, he also trains trotting ponys but their no good with rabbits
Our next door neighbours have a similar 'free garden' rabbit situation. He hasn't tunnelled anywhere yet, but I have observed that he seems to either shag the kids' football, or the white cat of theirs (the one that no longer shits in my garden since I installed my PIR water-jets).

So - placing either a small scale kids' football or suitably doped-up moggie at one end of the hole may be enough to entice the horny little buck out for a bit of the old 'parallel parking' rabbit fashion.

On the other hand your rabbit is female, in which case I could lend you next door's as a sort of deterrent, but there's always a chance that both of them could get stuck down there. And a few weeks down the line, lots of little rabbits could possibly emerge from their underground digs.

Tricky though, because if it is genuinely stuck, then pouring water down their is just going to drown the little bastard, whereas attempting to dig him out could result in a slice with the spade too heavy, ultimately resulting in two unintentional 'halves'. Have you not seen Curse of the Were-Rabbit? What did Wallace and Grommit do?


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Just leave it alone but have a hutch handy near holes. Mid way through your march-out said wabbit is bound to appear to try and embarass you and put up your costs. Just grab it and sling in hutch, then get ankle biters to fill in holes.


You need to threaten it with the services of a Bunny-boiler.

There's usually one or two lurking around here.................
Don't you have a pet shop nearby FFS? To paraphrase the Crosby Stills & Nash song... "If you can be with the one you hutch, hutch the one you're with". The old switcheroo...
Incidentally, a trick-cyclist would have a field day analysing these answers to Grey Mafia's dilemma.

I'm obviously deeply sociopathic and not to be trusted, others have sexual issues (Mr D you tinker) and the rest of us are very violent and badly adjusted people.

Just another day at the Arrse...
Not quite what you're looking for but some of the videos are impressive :D

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