Getting a Overseas degree course whilst serving, not OU.




I have been offered a course overseas that is a Msc equivalent, I already hold a degree but wish to push myself. I have recently visited a Uni in the States that has offered me a place. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the Mrs has fully approved me doing it.

Now here is the hard part, it is for a year in the States and is quite expensive, at $45,000 dollars. You need funding also for accommodation and the usual trivia that students need. The US immigration is quite satisfied for me to come across.

Several questions,

1, Is it possible to get funding/grant for this course or any scholarship schemes?

2, Have any soldiers gone back to Uni if so how does it work?

3, It is a specialist skill that I will acquire that the Army would gain an immense amount of retrospective investment in return. Is there any schemes in place that exist?

4, Or am I going to have to save for the next five years I have left on my ticket and do it post resettlement? At great cost to myself?

As I said it is a once in a lifetime offer that very rarely gets offered to anyone, I have been talent spotted and it would benefit the Army as they do not have anyone with the skill set that I will have. The US DoD has put members of their services on the course. When they go back to their arm they have a skillset that has been used. There is no comparable qual in UK/Europe at the moment.

I have till next June to put in my registration, so there is time. If I had my redundancy offer to be honest I would be off like a shot.


PS my education officer is away for three months so cannot ask them.
What do you mean MSc equivalent? It either is or is not an MSc or MA.

I assume you mean it is some sort of a professional qualification in a specific field rather than an academic one. If so it is not an equivalent of an MSc. That does not mean that your potential qualification is not as good as an MSc rather that such comparisons are not really very apt.

For example if a job application requires a masters level education you will not be able to say you have the equivalent by having a particular qualification, unless they name that specific qualification as required.

Anyhow, I would not want to put you off doing any course you feel like, just be sure of what it is you are doing, why and where you want / expect to be able to go with it.

Whatever you choose good luck with it.

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