Getting a medal!!!!!

In the same telic 1 boat mate, My unit forgot i went (they shall remain nameless but lets say they've had a couple of mentions on here the last few days). After hassling clerks at 3 different units it looks like mine is slowly getting sorted.
mollzers said:
Apparently it has to be presented to me!
smells like shite to me. we get them passed on to us by the ord sgt (we are regs)
Apparently it has to be presented to me!
SK: Hello Chief, has my medal arrived yet?
Chief: Yeah here it is SK, sign here pls.
SK: Cheers chief

Signed for my NI medal from the pay SSgt in 1982.

Kosovo medal came in the post after I had left the unit with which I had been serving.

In summary - your clerks ar talking b*llox unless something has changed in the past few years.
NI gong - passed on by a girl who'd walked past the clerks office and been asked to drop it off at my room
NATO Boz - medal parade on heli-pad in theatre
No2 for Boz - presented by Dutch Gen in theatre
ACSM - presented at a huge lash up in unit bar in NI
LSGC - passed over Adj desk
QGJM - picked up at Ord Sgts office
OSM Sierra Leone - Ill tell you if it ever turns up
Iraq Medal - Ill tell you if it ever turns up
Presented my arrse! We got our NI gong during tour with the post round!

mollzers.... sorry chap but I smell a rat :?
Ooooh lets not talk about NI medals, after leaving the unit that forgot I went on Telic I went to ireland, Yep guess who still hasn't got his NI medal cos his new unit never put in for one for him. Have i upset somebody?

I am still waiting for an iraq medal from the start of telic 1.

I know i am in the same boat as alot of others, but whilst badgering the man in the admin office I was informed that I couldnt have it if it came!

Apparently it has to be presented to me!

Can anyone shed any light on this as I have a few others and none of them have been presented, just signed for!!!

Is this a new rule?? or is he misinformed!


Furstly, you only have to sign for them not be presented them unless the CO really fancies airing off his service dress, but who gives a toss, medals dont pay the bills. Would rather have a pay rise than any of my dust collectors.
I have heard of one soldier that applied through civie channels ( was doing a non green job) and got it in a month !

Guess the government don't want their journo mates to miss out on their Telic medal.
It could be the case that the unit involved wants to do a big mass presentation bash and as the medals are coming in dribs and drabs those that are already there are being held back until all have arrived. Apparently that's what our unit is planning feck knows how long it'll take though :roll:


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Still waiting for TELIC 2, along with everyone else here. One bloke's TELIC 1 arrived in the post last week - the Unit he was attached to (REs) ordered it, and it arrived in the post, complete with rosette.

For TA, it seems like the only way to get them is to have someone 'prominent' booked to present them. One TA REME Bn got theirs months ago, as their constituency MP (A Mr A Blair) came to present them. An other REME TA Bn got theirs this week, as they got the Duke of Kent to come to their location.

We'll just have to book a local 'celeb' to come to our place. Trouble is, I don't know any famous people around here, and all the MPs are Tory :roll:
Interesting idea but where do i find a celeb???

A mate of mine knows this chick who shagged a celeb and then w@nked off a pig! or my dad knows this bloke from 'down the pub' who was once on 'opportunity knock's'?? There is a guy in my sqn who was on 'Blind date'!!

do you think any of these would suffice????
I was on childrens ITV when i was 7. I'll do it

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