Getting A Lob On When Hes Not Wanted....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Sitting here watching the news about the death of Natasha Richardson & I felt a familiar stirring of the loins,... :oops:
    BING! Hello,the ol trouser snake reares it's shiny head!
    Fcuk! Why then,during the news? One could understand it if it was a very juicy young bint getting her kit of on TV or I'm about to slip it to the missis one but the news!!?I mean come on! 8O
    So chaps,that got me thinking,where has your best friend made an appearance when he's not wanted?
  2. You are a very sick man.Wait until she is cold for God's sake.
  3. When I was still at secondary School, I was about 15.

    Sat at my desk in a science lesson and I needed a p1ss baddly. One of those where you hold it in so much it gives you a throb on - and it did. The lesson ended minutes later and I had to make up the sh!ttest excuses to stay at my desk.

    "I'm just quickly reading over my notes I took"

    "I'm just thinking about some of the things you talked about <insert gash question here>"

    Now these questions I'm asking trying to delay the teacher kicking me out of his classroom (as its his break aswell) did little for me as I always sat around doing feck all but p1ss around in his lessons, all of a sudden I'm sat there alone with him asking these sorts of questions and he wasn't buying it. I was trying to not think about the bladder and hardon which didn't work, the more I tried not to the more I thought about it and the longer it remained.

    In the end he just fecked me off out of the classroom, I had to standup and bite the bullet - Not sure if he or the other students on the way to the bogs noticed but it was the fastest I'd moved in my time in education! He looked like abit of a nonce so I reckon he got off on it thinking I was touching myself over his grey wirebrush hair and yellow chain smoking teeth.
  4. You were, he did and you still wonder what it would have been like, admit it.
  5. Upstairs on a bus,hasn't happened for about 50 years now.
  6. Only if you admit you have more in common with a Curry's Security Guard than a Soldier :wink: