Getting a job as an aid worker.

Gentlemen i'm planning of leaving the warm bussom on the army soon. The one thing ive always wanted to do is work as an aid worker for a couple of years, now my idea of an aid worker is digging wells, humping food for the people just general graft etc.. However i looked at the UN website and other companies and their all after people with university degrees etc..

Im just wondering if any of you guys know a way of working as an aid worker without being a student! I dont really care about money as-long as they feed and put a roof over my head, i dont even care where they send me.

Any information is appreciated. :D
If you really want to shag students there are easier ways you know... :)

But you could try looking at university careers service websites to see who's currently looking for staff and chasing it up yourself. You might find a few posters here are involved in demining as well.
haven't got time or patience to search, look for a post Dread did about pro's & con's of working for UN. Will give you a reasonable insight in to voluntary sector types.
Best place to look is Relief web. Most vacancies are advertised here and its the best place to start looking for this type of work. MAG UK based in Manchester usually look for people as well.

Its certainly worth volunteering for a month or two with any NGO as it gets you on the radar. Just make sure you volunteer for one of the nicer disaster zones!

If you have money and time then look at doing a course thats relevant to this type of work, its also a very good way to meet people already doing it. A good starter is the Diploma in Humanitarian assistance at Liverpool Schoool of Trop. medicine or London.

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