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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Zoid, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone gained a Bachelors degree in a related field since joining the Corps?

    What I was wondering is if our training and experience counts at all to reduce the time it takes with any of the civi universities offering such courses as Security and Risk Management (for example as offered by the University of Leicester), or Intelligence and Security Studies, as offered by Brunel University in London.

    Strikes me that if you spend 12 years plus doing this stuff day in, day out, you should be able to gain a lot of credit towards these courses, as everything the Corps teaches us is more than related, and we've all applied in practically as well, unlike some of these 18-21 year old sproggy students.

    Reason I ask is because I notice in the civi world a rising trend asking for these things, and while you can get around it with the old boy network and experience, it would be nice to be able to put a degree down as the icing on the cake so to speak.
  2. Zoid - there are only 2 fields where unis will offer points towards a degree in my knowledge.

    Ammo Techs and APTC Seniors on sports degrees.

    I may be wrong but the open uni offer 60 points to ammo techs, class 1

    As to st marys college in twickenham - they offer 60 - 120 to aptc personel.

    Tough, no one gets a free ticket mate!
  3. WO CLM gets you 60 points towards a degree if you do the institute of management qualification. on top of the CLM, you pay £130 and do a 3000 word study plus 2 computer courses. or something like that.

    elements of the pilots course add up to 65 points towards a degree too.
  4. It's pretty well mandatory nowadays, even in thickie jobs like mine in 'security'. In the international job market, you'll find that every Indian/Indonesian/Chinese candidate for anything at supervisory level or above is expected to have a first degree now, and the guys who actually get the jobs usually have an MBA or MEcon or something like it. I was virtually forced down the academic route even as my braincell count was diminishing with every year past 50 because of this. I reckon that the various Loughborough or Leicester MScs should be a serious and available option for all Int Corps Sgt - WOs.

    (edit for reasons of dying grey matter)
  5. Sadly the Corps seems to be lacking on that front. What we are taught throughout a career echoes the syllabuses of some degrees out there, therefore there should a move to establish cooperation with said universities to give Int Corps people a leg up and a head start, ala spam style. Over here, the servies get fantastic educational benefits which beats your ELC's anyday, including knocking several years off your degree, and money towards the rest.

    As Whiskeybreath says, you have to watch out for the overseas competition in the international field.