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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Fred5612, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. I will start with the premise that I am not sure whether this is the correct section for such question, in case it is not: sorry arrse members and mods!

    Although I know there are many aspects to this, i will try to keep the question as simple as possible, basically, i would like to get a degree in criminology while serving in the army as a soldier, is this possible? If yes how?

    I did not fully understand the official British Army website...

  2. Yes you can - a good few members of this board did exactly that. Usually through the Open University, although this'll be something you do in your own time. Although from my experience, your Chain of Command will be fairly helpful in enabling you to do this - as mine even went as far as sorting out a spare room for me to work in during the evenings, provided me with a hire car to get to tutorials, and Summer Schools were even classed as a duty (meaning I got an extra-week of Summer leave).

    Although why criminology may I ask?

    *edit - although I should add my experiences where from around 2002/2003 (I left in 2005 to study full-time), so certain things like the leave entitlement/hire car thing may have changed, but the CoC stuff was them being genuinely helpful to somebody who wanted to better themselves, so I'd be surprised if that's changed.
  3. The other alternative option route is part-time distance learning (from own experience more suited) & is becoming increasingly more popular, however I know people who have taken the OU route,

    Take full advantage of the Army Education Allowance System which is highly recommended by many
  4. Thanks a lot for the answer!

    I have tried to look up OU, it is interesting but rather confusing for a person who is new to it, how does it work? Do you get to study while you serve in an infantry regiment? Does the army pay for your studying?

    Criminology, it's been an interest of mine and I can see it bringing me to a wide range of future carreers within government, law enforcement etc.

    Again, thanks for all the info!!!!
  5. The army gives you Enhanced learning Credits which depending on time served can be worth £6000 towards 80% of the cost of the course (You are expected to pay 20% out of your own pocket to show commitment to your studies).

    Details of the scheme are here:

    Enhanced Learning for the Armed Forces
  6. I would go OU or distance learning. Don't be tempted by so called 'online' degrees as many are not accredited or will state 'online' on the certificate. If you wish to work outside the UK, say in the UAE or other such places then the degree will not be accepted. An OU degree will typically take around 4-6 years to complete. Similar timescale for DL but they are very dependant on the amount of time you are willing to put in. Breaks can usually be taken between modules so you should be able to tailor this around upcoming training/deployments.
  7. I'm just a bit further along the line than you. I've just registered to do study for a history degree with the OU. I like sharks and Nazis. First I would suggest giving elcas a ring Enhanced Learning for the Armed Forces Verification Page to see if your registered with them. If not then get registered. Also, pop along to see your unit education officer. They're usually helpful. Anyway, got to go, there's a documentary about the Nurburgring trals on, ace!