Getting a Car hire from the Army!!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by scccasey, May 23, 2008.

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  1. I am on a resettlement course next month(Had enough!)
    My course is in Hull? I'm being told that i am only able to get a car up there and back and for me to get a taxi to and from the course/hotle!!
    The course is 3Miles away from hotel. People are saying diffrent things, If i am or not allowed the car for duration! (25 days) Does anyone know? Or even where i can find such information to back it up???
  2. No matter what the regulations say, it nearly always boils down to the attitude and opinion of the budget holder e.g. you are entitled to business class flights to Seattle from the UK if on business, however the budget holder will nearly always say 'no' and chuck you in economy saying that the budget cannot afford it.

    Find out who controls the relevant budget and talk to him. Before you do so have evidence to hand that there is no practical public or military transport available (i.e. more than 15 minute walk to the required bus-stop, etc).

    I doubt if the system will give you a car: the budget holder will simply look at the cost of a car (about 30quid a day upwards) and compare that to 6 miles in a taxi per day.

    Good luck.
  3. If you get the opportunity - give a local txi firm a ring and get them to give you a quote for the duration of the course. Then ask the budget holder whether a car is more expensive (The contract the Army has means that they get it less than the given price).

    feel free to PM me if you want anything further.
  4. Marvellous is'nt it?
    An honest soldier (?) getting stiffed by the unit cos he wants a car to enable him to attend a course which he is entitled to.
    And our wonderful MP's want their £20,000 second home claims to be kept private and not have to provide receipts!!!

    makes you wonder does'nt it?

  5. hi similar thing happened to me and the bottom line is exactly what has been mentioned.Call the cab firm and get a quote for the commmuting. Hand it to the admin office and they will determine what is the cheapest and waaalaaa money or car. BTW dont let them feed you and sh1t it is an entitlement, any probs speak with your IERO
  6. Yoy will most probably find that when you arrive at the said location of the course and hand the keys in at the Guardroom or wherever thats where they will probably stay for the duration of the course until you need to RTU. The car I have found in my experience will stay there as it is cheaper for them (hire firm) to leave the car there than to pick it up (fuel costs and dvrs pay for pick up and drop off). The car would only sit on the firm car park anyways as most firms have a quite large pool of vehs. A few don't bother handing in the keys to the Gd Room and use the car as a run about (in your case justified) but don't realize that if it's on hire for 24 hrs then you are only insured for 24 hrs regardless of having a work ticket (VUR for the smarmy tw@s).
  7. .......have you tried getting accommodation closer to your course?
  8. I had a similar problem 6 months ago, I had a course 25 miles away from home and MT could provide me with a car. The budget holder told me to use trains and taxis which I told them would cost over £300. The person in question agreed but by then it was to late to hire a car through MT. I was told to hire the cheapest car possible and i would be reimbursed. I only got the money back 2 weeks ago after a fight and it turns out I wasn't insured to drive this car on duty journeys, I would have been screwed if I had an accident.
  9. Three miles from the accommodation to the workplace! What's the modern Army coming to?

    For the average civilian it's only a 45 minute walk. For a fit, lean war fighting machine like the modern soldier it should only take 30 minutes ish.

    You may even be able to claim an allowance for the extra shoe leather you'll be wearing out!! :p
  10. Tell your budget holder to face reality. We are spending £millions every day on Ops etc and you can't get a hire car for 25 days?

    Typical jobsworth attitude which I suspect would be different if you were an officer on resettlement?
  11. Funnily enough when I did my resettlement I was fúcked off from having a car and had to use the delightful train (6 hour cross country train journey instead of 2 hour drive - and the train ticket was 180quid each way on the warrant).

    I also had to deploy on a brigade exercise in Germany for the last 2 weeks of my service (literally until the last day).

    But then I was only a captain with 11 years service...

    ... I suspect you will find that officers get as much shite as non-commissioned ranks.
  12. Use your own car and claim the money back, so long as you can get a non availability. It will be cheaper all round, or you could ask for a Land Rover!
  13. What you're entitled to is a return travel warrant from your duty location to wherever the course is taking place and the daily travel costs from your accommodation to the location of the course, as long as the length of that journey is over 5 miles (the old RESPOD distance).
  14. The army is paying for a hotel and a course that is solely for your benefit and you are trying to screw them for every last penny you can. You should be given a warrant to travel to Hull and paid your expenses to travel by public transport from the hotel to the course location. If these are the sort of expenses people nowadays feel they are entitled to it's little wonder that there's not enough money left over for vital equipment for ops. 3 miles??? You joke.
  15. Apologies Dread, I was wrong, I meant to type:

    Typical jobsworth attitude which I suspect would be different if you were a decent officer on resettlement? :wink: