Havn't been around for a while so I looked in today to find, well, nothing much really !
How about a thread on uckers ? Changing hoses at 2 o'clock in the morning on Saltau in the pissing rain ? Being woken up by pissed up aircrew in the middle of the night whilst on duty driver ? painting the same wagon for the 4th time that year ? 4th stag of the month ? Or, alternatively the good bits. Postings to the sun, a great social life, lots of sport, the best mates you'll ever make !!!!!!!!.....................................................Come on someone................I'm beggining to forget what a great time I had in the Army for all those years. Alternatively, it might be that I don't care cos I'm now living in the sun, making heaps of money and don't care !

Line set, awaiting bite. Bring it on !
you're damn right its getting dull!!!!!

first week back at watt-a-shame last week, the regiment is dead :( , full of gobby crow who need beasting :twisted: , loads of postings killing all the cameraderie built up in the gulf :cry: ,
the charlie oscar giving each sqn a brief on AH, 3/4 of an hour to say absolutley nothing..... :roll:
lots of new kit to bust, (look at the moffet mountie W A N K!!!)
RB 44 even though everyone else is binning them 'cos they are as much use as tits on fish, can we have pinzgauer please?
MPS, a green laptop with autoroute on it.

a doorgunner flight with all the gunner LSN's doing MT jobs, "welcome to Doorgunner flight, well done for being selected to do the job that 95% of groundies joined for, oh sorry, no flying for you, the MT HAS is just over there..."

not being Lead Avn Task Force anymore,

No roulemont tours to NI or Belize or Cyprus, so no little carrot's of trips away to break up the monotony,

remember the old saying, "if a soldier isnt schimfing there is something really wrong...?"
have a look at the state of this forum now...... 8O
I bet you feel a whole lot better for getting that off your chest SL.

Havent got any advice for you....cos there isnt any.
nothings changed then


Ah, yes, the memories come flooding back ! Hate to say it SL but MDN is right - Nothing changes.
At least you do have SOME decent gear to play with these days and do get away on tours frequently. DG's didn't even exist in the olden days when I was a lad.
I still think it was a great way to grow up and to see the world, make good mates and gain pride and confidence.
It's just a shame the groundies job isn't what it could be whilst you are stuck there being plopped on but that IS the AAC for you. Unfortunately, it will never change in a month of Sundays.
All you can do is make the most of it whilst you are there and hey, it's better than being a grunt and they pay you !!!
Believe me mate, civvie street ain't easy.
But then I managed to escape even that ! he,he,he,he.
The answer my freind is Oz. It's great.
So, plod everything in Aus is dandy. Well not when the mighty English rugby team kick your arse later in the year. Oh by the way, have you shagged any girls in a bedding room........ala Hong Kong. And have you met any girls in town wearing a mac.......and nothing underneath
Ngoi panyau. Do lay lo mo sap gau to you too you old scrote
Aiya ! Chau hai. Sek Kong super hero. Fidi, fidi, gin jaw, gin jau, LIDO !
MTRo, route Twisk,sap gau, doo lay lo mo, ah - Inn Place, Cavern, Juke box, much carlsebart, glug, glug, pished up, MaCy dees !!!!!! Sek Kong Bing Phong.
Heard the "Yardies" of a particular Corps in Gutersloh got the shock of their lives when some brave young lads from a particular regiment did a drive by shooting with some plastic Machine Guns firing plastic pellets, from the side of a van. I would have loved to have seen the Chief Ganga Man drop his spliff at the volley. The boys must have been pi$$ing themselves as they drove down for the hunt. Top Wind up. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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