Getting a bit crazy in Ukraine!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Nov 22, 2004.

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  1. Does the last sentence remind you of anyone? :twisted:
  2. Just been looking in on this, hopefully the fact it's bloody cold will stop any violence kicking off.
  3. I reckon the anti -freeze vodka will kick in at some stage and then?
  4. I forgot about the Vodka

    Oh dear :(
  5. a lovely city is lviv, hope it calms down over there
  6. It could be us, in London, in 2005! :twisted:
  7. The US' official observer, Senator Richard Lugar, alleged "concerted and forceful" fraud and the EU called on Ukraine to review the election.

    A little of the pot calling the kettle black eh :lol: :lol:
  8. Seems Putin is trying to re-establish Russian control over the Ukraine. Except this time hidden under the veils of democracy....or something resembling it.......losely...... :roll:...... unlike Stalin, who put a gun to their heads and threatened them with death. Sorry he did didn't he! 20 million or there about starved to death in the name of a greater state :evil:
  9. tsk, tsk ukiri
  10. More like the kettle calling the Samovar surely?

    I'll get me coat :oops:

    The rather good Russian Euronews channel are covering this Click "online" in the top left corner, when the video box opens, click any of the links to bring up the days headlines . You can also ogle the Russian girlie Newsreader (Bonus) .
  11. The ukraines dont like russians with good reason .hope it stays peaceful
  12. Something of a powder keg this one methinks. The pro-Moscow candidate (the chap who has declared victory) wants to bring Ukraine into an effective union with Russia - language, foreign policy etc. There are a number of outsanding problems in Ukraine, namely the status of the one-time Soviet Black Sea Fleet, which has been rusting away in the port of Odessa since the USSR collapsed. The movement for Cossack rights/independence in the Crimea might also give rise to conflict if this pro-Moscow chiseller gets his way.

    One thing is for certain - whatever noise the outside world makes, Putin will have his way. Russia will not tolerate a Western-leaning Ukraine.
  13. oh bugger we did live fire there years ago .Dont give blair ideas or we may end up there doing it with live enemy .Yank have given ukraines some kit and probably be quite happy to dust off their cold war plans
    to put russia in its place .
  14. hmmm I may know you then, I was there 3 years ago
  15. Despite the brouhaha, its comforting to see ' Democracy in action ' and the protesting and arguing and such going on openly and with international concern and attention..Sure beats the alternatives as typified by Tajikistan and Uzbekistan where the nutters beat the sh*t out of any dissenters and name the days of the week and months of the year after themselves and their ' dear sweet mothers '..