Gettin my own Back!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mick_Piper, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. I just need some advice,

    My Kid Brother had his scooter robbed last night, me and my old fella got on the chase when we found it missing and found it burnt out.

    We went round to a lads house, a Known Scaly, Smack Head, Scum Bag who was known for this sort of stuff and found all of his lights in the house where half 5 in the morning. We both approached the house and without hesitation he attacked me dad with a baseball bat (guilty or what, we didn't even say anything yet!!!) He broke my dad’s arm I then had ago but he retreated to the house, under the protection of his mother, awwww mummy’s boy. I then returned about an hour later with a peace of 3/2 wood, nearly braking the door, He stayed in the house.

    The police have been round, but can’t prove it was him who robbed the bike, but can get done for assault.....
    But I want more, anyone got any suggestions?
  2. kill them
  3. Sneak up put expanding foam up his drain pipe will soon be overflowing, paint stripper/brake fluid over family cars, super glue in their locks etc should give you a starter for 10...Or just burn the cnut and his pikey family alive. But if the scooter was a pug speedfight then it got what it deserved :wink:
  4. too subtle.
  5. dont pi*s about wasting your time with petty vindictive vandalism.

    wait. bide your time.
    organise it properly with a mate to watch your back, make sure your faces are covered, and if you are going to do it - make it a decent job. fu*k him over to a degree where he will never truly recover, caus with this activity your in for the pound not a penny, consider the risk.

    nothing wrong with revenge, just make sure you have the facts right.

    a little utu makes the world a better place. it allways has.

    DISCLAIMER - not that i would ever advocate or condone any kind of vigilantte social justice. cof-cof.
  6. put it about that he is a paedo with mothers at the local school - that way he will get beaten up by someone else - several times. Send him a few anon letters to the effect that you are Mr x know he is a paedo and will have him
  7. Yes. Don't go round someone's house at sparrows and expect NOT to get twatted with a baseball bat. Lucky you didn't come round mine. My favourite sport is buggery.
  8. I like to idea of just plain killing him, though, I don’t like the idea the rest of my time in the nick getting bum raped by someone called Big Chester!

    Thanks for the ideas, I'm just going to do him over when he’s not expecting it, do something to him that will make him never look at me or my family again.

    O yer, and I think his car might get burnt in front of his home. That’s a good idea...
  9. Hypothetically speaking I would ensure you wear gloves, put clothes in washing machine immediately and have a good shower before opening can of lager to celebrate hypothetically :)
  10. Yer good idea, love the part about the beer, but I think seeing his head smash against the side of the kerb will be much more satisfying :D
  11. No, no, no! Get your hands on one of them forensic all in ones with rubber gloves and rapist-mask. Make sure you don't do anything illegal whilst at home nursing your pops broken arm, then burn the fucking lot.
  12. torch the untermench out
  13. Excellent advice here. But for f**ks sake, be sure you've got the right lad.


    P.S obviously violence is wrong etc etc...
  14. Do whatever you have to do and don't say anything to anybody and don't mention it on here .
  15. Just do what you want and make sure you wear CS 95 and burn them after.

    Chav fcukers, guilty or not, need sorting out. :evil: