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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bungalow, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. Right ill make it quick, started basic in 2002 an left at week 4 were I wanted to leave, I didnt want to wait to daor so I told my platoon commander I felt depressed an my sgt had a word with me about self harm an that, well anyway my platoon commander levelled with me an said I was chatting bollocks and if didnt want be here its best just to get shot of me so I cant influence anyone else thinking about leaving going aswell.
    I was asked in my interview before leaving if i considered re joining and i said no, so I think thats why I ended up with a usfas on my discharge papers but i had an exemplary for conduct.
    were I said no would that block me from rejoining and were i had an ufas obviously that could **** me up aswell, basically I didnt mean that stuff what I said to get out, but what do you reckon of my chances being accepted?

    I didnt take it seriously back then and now understand how much I fucked up and by being a faggot and running ive fuked up my career route, but I wants to grow up and im more mature. Also ive got no medical history what so ever of depression or self harm so would that help?
  2. Pretty much no chance at all.
  3. As legs says; Pretty much no hope of getting in the military.

    Have you thought about the RAF? :)
  4. Unlucky pal.
  5. Sorry, looks like it's Burger King for you then fella....
  6. it's probably cos your quite stupid. i mean, getting out in such a fashion was your fault, and on your own head be it. you couldnt hack it, so you made up some sh!t and got out. i would say that you were usfas. wouldnt you?
  7. What does usfas stand for? (Just out of curiosity..)
  8. nope would not be supprised if they turned you away man...its your fault realy.
  9. Unsuitable For Army Service, Contrary to Sect 9. (383) Queen's Regs (1975)

    a.k.a a really big fuckoff for anyone with it upon discharge.
  10. Ah, not the best thing to have on your records then I suppose..!
  11. well ill try anyway I got nothing to lose but so much to gain, an Its not like im some wrist stabber, yeah i didnt want to be there so I give in an it was jus an easy way out, but Ive realised my mistake an grown up everybody deserves a second chance, but Im a man an must face the consequences for my actions
  12. You are a twat and are now suffering the consequences of being a twat.

    Try KFC or McD's.

    You had your one chance and blew it, now let someone that actually means it try as opposed to a wannabe that tried, bottled, failed and now wants the glory back.

    Or try really, really. really fcuking hard and convince the ACO that you mean it. Still next to no chance as they will look at you as a quitting toss pot that cried the first time it got hard.

    Joining the Army is an honour and not something you can decide to go back to multiple times when it fulfils your ego desires.

    Guess what the difference between you and the guys that tried is? They have a regimental number that won't be recycled.

    You displayed cowardice before you even got off your first NAAFI break.

    Try again, if you make it I'll eat my sock.
  13. Given that you are at school, it might be best if you were seen and not heard on such subjects, eh?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.