getfitta website - RIP

So frikkin annoying. They have taken this down, just when I need it to transform my minions from lardy lackeys into svelte subordinates.

Seems an odd thing to have done, as when you Google "army fitness" you get loads of links from all sorts of websites (men's fitness magazines, medical health sites) to the getfitta site. Free advertising, innit?

Still, it was a good, cheap idea and therefore could not be permitted to survive.

Anyone know a cache site or similar where it might have been kept?
Your best bet is to email / phone the agency that produced the site and ask them if they could put a copy of it on CD ROM for you.

The Agency are Empower Communications and are based of Richmond Green.
'Kinell, that's a top tip.

Will try, although these meejah types get all copyrighty when you ask them for stuff like that.
Screw my civi techy head on time

OK, what you are looking at is a cached HTML source page that has been rendered in your browser

in English it means a webpage is created by a "programming" code that puts things like pictures onto that page, this is called HTML. HTML is simply text with some commands, Images are not actually on the page but are referenced from its original webserver. The reason you cannot see pictures is because the page you are looking at is hosted at an archive website that keeps old copies of webpages on file and display them when required, becuase that webserver is no longer live this means the pictures are referenced but as they no longer exist you get little red cross boxes.

Hope that makes sense

Tech head off, beer head on

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