Get yourself liquified when you go...

Are they employing ex Mafia "Cleaners"?
Let's be honest...if you sit in your armchair for a few weeks after you kark, you're going to liquefy ANYWAY!
Save yourself the cost, and at the same time ensure the employment of some bloke called Reg or Dimitri who gets the gig to come and suck your putrid remains out of the carpet with his Vax (other cleaning systems are available)


it'd be more convenient. instead of a long drawn out funeral they could just flush you down the bog and get straight onto the wake/pissup.
you still need to get your bones ground up! Why does 'Fee Fi Fo' keep coming to mind!


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what is the difference between a condom and a coffin.
you come in one and go in the other.
I think I'd prefer Promession, my tomatoes are looking a bit peaky...
Ash residue? Surely ash is a by-product of combustion? What happens to the alkaline water full of gooey bits when the process has finished?

And how are they going to get big fat Spams in through that enntrance?
A Florida funeral home has installed a new liquefaction unit which dissolves dead bodies instead of cremating them.

This creates new possibilities for your final destination. Personally I'd like my resulting liquid essence to be added in small amounts into a few hundred barrels of beer and be drunk by all my mates. Anyone got any better ideas?
Get the beers in...
Plastination or just have your 'guts' pickled and put on display here ....

See to Believe: Human Oddities - YouTube

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